Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Back!

I've decided to start posts on my blog that I'm going to call 20 days of thanks. I want to write a post on different things that we're thankful for in our lives. Summer is one of the best times for me to find things to be grateful for, so I decided to start my 20 days of thanks with a post dedicated to SUMMER!

Summer is usually not one of my favorite seasons, I've always loved fall the best. Something about the leaves falling, and the crispness in the air around Thanksgiving is so refreshing. It's like the start of something new. Makes me want to buy school supplies. The last several summers of my life I've been incredibly busy. I think I associate Summer with hotness (and not in a good way), and with busy craziness. Last summer I was booked with wedding photography, and the insane stress of planning my own wedding by myself. The three summers before that, I was busy going to school full time and trying to balance being on a dance company and keeping up with my photography work.

This summer is totally different. Gid and I are both working full time, but we've been able to plan several weekend getaways that have been super fun. This is the first summer in a while that I'm really looking forward to. I miss school like crazy. Working a 9-10 hour day five days a week gets old really fast, and I often find myself missing homework which is the weirdest thing in the world. When I was in school, I couldn't afford to take off a week from school without it affecting my grades. This summer we're going to be able to take several trips, and all I have to do is find someone to cover me at work. I wish I could've found someone to cover me at class when I was in college. Summer in Texas is hot and miserable; I have these flashbacks of gymnastics practice during the summers, and driving with the ac on high. Summer in Boise is still hot, but I wouldn't go as far as miserable. It's actually been pretty chilly the last few weeks, and just started to warm up. This last weekend was just gorgeous. And the cool thing about boise is that when the weather is nice- the city becomes alive. Everyone is out on the greenbelt running or biking. Tons of people are fishing in little lakes, and rivers. It's the most active place I've ever lived. Nice.

Summer is wonderful for many reasons. These are only a few:

1. the sun is out and feels wonderful on my skin!
2. going running isn't miserable (not that I actually run- but I'm going to start)
3. the days are longer, and the breezy air is refreshing
4. it's swimsuit shopping season
5. family finds eachother during the summer season



  1. when are you going to kauai? what's the plan there? we leave this weekend! NAPALI COAST!

  2. Your blog is absolutely beautiful! I love the way you put the photos in a polaroid style! I am SOOO excited that you're blogging! I've enjoyed reading your posts, and I'm excited for many more to come! Three cheers for summer!!!

  3. KYlie! We're arriving to Kauai on the 30th of July, and our last full day is August 5th. It just hit me that you don't live on that island. I'll have to see if we can come visit you for a photoshoot with the best photographer ever. :)

    Thanks so much! I really am surprised how much I like blogging. It's almost theraputic to talk about things that you love or think. I can see why people get so into it. We love you guys!


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