Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shaved Snow.

An Ode to Snow Cones that (yes, really) I wrote:
it took me about 30 seconds, so don't expect too much...

Snow cones, snow cones, soft and sweet,
I love you so much I could tweet,
like a bird tall in the sky,
or like a nerd using wifi.

-alyssa tolman

I hope everyone understands a few things:

a) my 20 days of gratefulness are not in order of importance;
otherwise shaved ice probably wouldn't have made the cut.

b) if my list was based on the things most dear to me, the gospel, my family,
and several other really really important things would've had lengthy posts
thoughtfully composed and beautifully dedicated already. Topics of such
importance take pondering, and time that I don't have alot of right now.

c) I really love shaved ice.

I'm grateful for shaved ice.We went to Rexburg last weekend. I was going to make a post with a huge list of all of the things that I miss and love about rexburg, but since I've been procrastinating, I've decided to write about the thing in rexburg I miss most right now.

For the record- I'm not crazy. When I lived in Rexburg I couldn't wait to get out. I had to get out of town at least once every few weeks. When we moved to Boise however, I missed Rexburg like it was my puppy that had died.

Yes, Rexburg is small. Yes, there are limited things to do, and Yes, most of us would probably never would have lived in Rexburg if it wasn't the home of the fabulous Brigham Young University-Idaho. Yes.


Rexburg is the beloved home of this sweet memory:

The One. The Only. THE Sno Shack.

Delightful. Happy. Goodness.

Every summer during college.
(Probably every week.)

In Texas,
I would always go to a wonderful gourmet shaved ice place called BAHAMA BUCKS.
It's basically heaven.
When I moved to rexburg, I thought I might die without my beloved texas shaved ice goodness, but then I was introduced to the sweet little sno shack. It's less expensive than bahama bucks. Because bahama bucks' ice is so heavenly soft, so succulently sweet, and melts in your mouth, not in your cup. The cups are sturdy, and you always are given a spoon, a straw, a little unique umbrella, and a napkin. Like I said; it's heaven.

Sno Shack on the other hand is cheap ice that crumbles the minute the cheap syrup touches it. The cups often leak, and most times you get a straw, but you have to ask at least twice to get a spoon or napkins. But hey- it's less expensive.

my most recent sno shack experience

The last time I was in Texas, I made a trip out to the heavenly gourmet snow shop. As I ordered my small shaved ice, I felt sick at the price I was expected to pay for my

wonderful wonderful wonderful

treat. But I paid it anyway. The Bahama Bucks goodness was wonderful and just as heavenly as I remembered. But I missed my dear sweet rexburgian cheap-o sno shack.

All I could think about all during work today was my favorite flavors that I miss, and this is what I came up with...

Favorite Flavor Combos:

french vanilla + coconut + kiwi

french vanilla + coconut + pomegranete

french vanilla + coconut + blue cocunut

french vanilla + coconut + watermelon

I like french vanilla and coconut, ok?

Ok. That's all for now.
What a wonderful life!

...oh. How I love sno cones!


  1. oh man sister me too, definitely one of my favorite aspects of mortality.

  2. you know, i REALLY hate rexburg. and i seriously can't wait to get out! and hopefully in december is when that'll happen. but as our time here shortens i actually get sad thinking about all the little things i'll miss so much!! i know i'm gonna be cryin! mmmm i really hope that bahama bucks is where we'll be living in tx! i wanna try that!

  3. I love your blog! I'm sorry I'm a horrible friend, let's run again soon! I'm LOVE snow cones, if I could, I'd eat them daily. Oh, oh, new idea... we will run to a sno shack, GENIUS!

  4. I love sno shack as well! So good. If I ever go to Texas, I'll have to try Bahama Bucks! In Oahu, Hawaii there is a place called Matsumoto that has the best shave ice in the entire universe!! Miss you guys!

  5. come to hawaii with me and eat one every day! :)


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