Tuesday, July 20, 2010


As I'm coming up on my last few posts on things that I'm grateful for, 
I've been wanting to make sure that I don't forget some of the 
huge things in my life that I'm so blessed for. 
I wrote earlier about the beauty of the earth. 

Now I want to write about a different kind of beauty.


Brigham Young said

Every accomplishment, every refined talent every useful attainment in mathematics,

music, and in all sciences and


belong to the Saints.”

I come from a family of smarties. 

My dad likes to joke around that I'm the 'artist' of the family, but he's totally right. I'm so much

more attracted to the arts than I am to any other form of education.

I feel strongly that many artists are deeply inspired men and women. 

I love that art can be created by child and adult alike. And I feel that it's a tremendous blessing for us as artists, to have the ability to create and inspire each other. 

The word artist is not included in scriptures, but the presence and importance of artists are


The scriptures include myriad references to

all manner of workmanship

described as

exceedingly fine and curious.”

The creative process is rooted and revered in heaven is evident in the Lord’s use of the word workmanship to define not only the artistic accomplishments of his children but the results of his own creation.

"The Light of Christ", wrote Elder Bruce R. McConkie

of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, “is the means by which the Lord invites and entices all men to improve their lot and to come unto him and receive his gospel. It is the agency through which the Lord strives with men, through which he encourages them to forsake the world and come unto Christ, through which good desires and feelings are planted in the hearts of decent people. 

It is the medium of intelligence that guides inventors, scientists, artists, composers, poets, authors, statesmen, philosophers, generals, leaders, and influential men in general, when they set their hands to do that which is for the benefit and blessing of their fellowmen” 

I find so much beauty in the written arts.

literature has always been one of my favorite

art forms. Right now I'm reading different works by C.S. Lewis, and I'm blown away by his inspired stories, metaphors, and theories. But Lewis is only one of many authors who I am astounded by.

       I love theatre arts. 

During my time at byui, I was blessed to

have all sorts of different plays available to enjoy.
Some of my best friends are incredibly talented thespians (love that word). When I was a kid, I always loved doing the school plays, and one of my biggest regrets actually is not doing more throughout growing up, and even in college. Sometimes I think it would have been a good idea to pursue a theatre major (since while I was at school the dance major wasn't available).

Music is another incredible art

medium. My sister is an accomplished violinist, and
my father plays the piano, the guitar. My best friend has a gorgeous voice, and plays the flute

beautifully. I've been around music alot in my life, and I have such a love for it. Something about me: I've always wanted to learn to play the cello. And someday I'm going to. For sure. I love music so much.

I'm into photography.

I love capturing moments in a format that I can keep forever. It's an artform, and I love being able to create through this medium. Photography is a huge blessing in my life.

I took a few art classes at school, and my favorite was a Russian culture class. There were several

experiences that I had in that class that made my love for the Russian language, the culture and the art in particular grow exponentially. 

There was actually only one thing that I loved more than my experiences in the Russian department.

And I'm sure 100% of everyone who reads this knows exactly what that thing was.

dance is the most influential, defining thing I've been able to have in my life. It's the truest, most

four dimensional art form I've been able to experience to date, and I know I'm not through with it in my life.

Dance has been everything for me, and its definitely my favorite art form.

Basically, art is beauty. In all mediums.
It surrounds me every day.

And I'm so grateful for it.


  1. YEAH!! RUSSIA REPRESENT!!!!!! i think of our screaming russian class days fondly

  2. I am a lover of the arts as well. I was a theater major at college, and I love singing and performing--it's very core to the livelihood of my soul. My favorite class at college was "humanities", the history of the arts. I fell in love with art and was fascinated at other cultures' appreciation of the arts. I loved this post, Alyssa. I love them all! You have a gift with words and I love reading your thoughts and I love you more with every word I read!


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