Sunday, July 18, 2010


...this weekend my mother, my father, my sister and her husband came to visit.

The last time I saw them was Christmas. It was basically a
nice tall glass of ice water
after a dry and hot drought of family togetherness.

I just love my family.
I love how my dad always holds my mother's hand. Always.
I love that when my family is together,
it is an understood rule that when we go out to eat,
we all order different dishes, and pass them around to be shared.
I love that.

I love that we had a tour of the Capitol (by my sweet Gid), went on a lengthy walk through downtown boise,took a nice dip in the hotel pool (handstand contest & Marco Polo included),
and then went to watch The Karate Kid.
(which, by the way, changed my life. Kung Fu is in everything.)

I love how when my family is in the living room,
we're like koala bears with everyone hanging all over each other.
I love how the outdoors and water are essential ingredients in my family's life. are afternoon naps.

I'm so in love with how Gideon fits in.
After everyone left, and I finished crying like a baby,
I asked Gid how he would describe our weekend in one word.

His answer: agualicious.

We laughed, because every time gideon has been
around my family we've done a lot of water based activities.

I guess my family likes water. But to me, they are water.
A tall glass of water on a hot dry day.

And I just love that.

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