Sunday, July 11, 2010


  • a house, apartment, orother shelter that is usually the residence of a person,family or other household
  • the place or region where something is native or most common
  • any place of residence or of refuge: a heavenly home

There is something about being at home.
Something warm, comforting, and loving.

When I think of home, most times I think about my mom having warm cookies and fresh baked bread in the kitchen with candles glowing invitingly. I think of blankets piled on the end of the bed, just in case it got cold in the middle of the night. I think of family night in our sweet little house.

Sometimes, though, when I think of home, I think of another building entirely.

During my time at Brigham Young University-Idaho,
I spent about 85% of my time in this sweet, humble building:

it was, quite simply, my home.

I performed on this stage over 50 times during my time at byui;
and had countless more rehearsals to get those performances prepared.

...this was the place I prepared my audition for graduate school.

And since I had a key to the building, (and knew all the secret ways to get in)
I would often let myself in when I just needed to dance off a bad day by myself.

I got kicked out by security a few times...

(except the byui security guard was sweet, not this big, and his name was chad)

I wonder how many magical moments I had on this stage.

...a hundred? A thousand?

I think more.
(yes. that's gideon)

After all, this was the place where I found myself.

I don't know how many times I walked these halls.

How many times I took a delightful sip from this, my favorite water fountain of all time.(perfect pressure, perfect temperature, and the perfecet height)
And right outside Wendy Bone's office
(where I worked for my last semester)

How many times did I run up and down these steps hurrying to and from rehearsal?

Or sit under this lovely tree...
(outside of the kirkham)
to study my homework, chat with a friend, or just take a nap.

This was the door from the stage to the outside world.
But inside the kirkham- it was just home.

It was in this building that I first met Gideon.
Where we became such good friends.

This is the building where Gideon pulled me aside, sat me down,
and told me that he had 'more than friend' feelings for me...

(in this room)

...then, over a year later, after Gideon told me that he loved me,

this was the building where I got my courage up to tell him that I loved him back.

(on these steps)

and, when the most pivitol moment of my life came,
when Gideon proposed to me,

it was in this building.

Because of these memories, Oscar A. Kirkham will always be dear to me.

Gideon and I are still so young; and we have so many seasons of life to experience.

But so far, I think our years on Dance Alliance have been the best of our lives.

Each company became a family.

And when we came to watch this weekend's performance, gid and I just stared (jaws touching the floor) the STUNningly talented dancers as they blew our minds. I cheered SO loudly for people who's names I don't know; people who I've never even seen before. You can bet your boots I also hooted and hollered for those who I do know- and love so much. It's a totally new company- but to me, they've just joined a big family that previous (and future) dance alliances consist of.

That gives me an excuse to hug loved ones and strangers alike (till neither of us can breathe), and babble on and on about how I adore them.

So many memories hit me like a semi bolting at a dangerous speed this weekend.
This was my life during all of my university years. I should say, actually, this was our life. Because Gid and I both were (are) so passionate about dance.

And now, when we visit the kirkham, and rather than perform on the stage,
sit in the audience and applaud the


current company,

Dance Alliance 2010
"A Night on Broadway"

we're cheering for family.
(whether they like it or not)

And I think we know we're still at home.

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  1. If only I could express my feelings as well as you! I love reading everything you write. You are simply amazing! We need to do something soon! Love you guys!


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