Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I think I can,

...can't I?

No- I definitely can.


We've been through this.
You know how I'm a dreamer.

Well. Sometimes I'm a dreamer with low self confidence.

Somedays I think I can.
I really really do.
Other days, I think to myself,

"oh alyssa, you're only dreaming"

I'm one of those who is afraid of the possibility of failure.

I've met people like this; people who are so afraid of not succeeding, that they don't even want to try.

I've always felt a bit sorry for those people.

I don't want to be afraid of trying anything.
But I also don't want to be so passionate about my ambitions that I become blinded to that which is of most importance.

But answer this:
How do you know if something is just a constant dream, or if it's something you're meant to do?


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