Friday, July 30, 2010

Joseph Short.

The next person I'm writing about is actually more Gideon's friend than mine. But he still inspires me, and he gave me the OK to write about him. So here goes.

You know that guy you remember for months, even years after you've met him, even if your introduction was brief just because he's so memorable? The guy who's got a contagious smile, a laughable laugh, and who knows how to cook?

That guy who buys books entitled 'The Gas We Pass', and 'Everyone Poops' online and brags about it?

That guy who is most comparable to Dr. Gregory House; you love him, and think he's witty as heck, but every now and then, you secretly want to smack him with his own cane, but you never would, because- he's House, and 1) you secretly support his crazy shenanigans, and 2) he's irreplaceable in the best House MD way possible.

You know. That guy?

My (much nicer version) of Gregory House is Joseph Short.
He's intelligent, annoyingly witty, and undeniably one of the greatest guys I know.

Joe was Gideon's roommate for the majority of their University years.

They also served in the same mission, which explains their joking to eachother in portugese while I pretended to know what the HECK they were talking about. But it was fun. (Especially, I think- for them.)

Joe always supported us at our performances, and, even though the audience was not encouraged to call out specific dancer's names,

Joe would.

I remember standing behind a curtain watching Gid perform on stage, and I heard a loud, undeniable "GO GIDEON!" One of the backstage techies muttered something under his breath about crazy people in the audience, and I silently thought to myself, 'he obviously just doesn't know the amazing joseph short.'

One time when a bunch of us were out at the park, I threw a football to Joe, and accidentally sent him in the direction of a tree where his face proceeded to smash against the rough bark.

The aftermath of the Joe/Tree collision.

Did I mention that it happened a few days before graduation?
He could have hated me.
But he didn't.

Because he's joe.

Before Gid and I got married, Joe showed us his loving support by making this tshirt:
Gid wore it on our honeymoon. I was a little ticked.

Joe was Gideon's Best MAN at our wedding.

I already respected Joe like crazy before we got married, but I appreciated him even more during the week we got married. As if it wasn't enough that he made the trip all the way from frikin' florida, I convinced Joe to come to Rexburg the night before Gid and I got married so they could hang out (he could have spent the day before with other equally deserving friends that missed him in Utah). I didn't realize that my parents wanted us to all eat dinner together, and I felt so guilty that Joe didn't really get to do anything fun (except hang out with my awesome family).

But he made the trip. (And I later found out that consisted of him being scrunched in a small car with my sister, her husband, a strange woman, and a musty smell.)

He could have hated me.
But he didn't. Because he's joe.

And he not only attended the wedding, luncheon and reception,

he kept a smile on his face throughout the day.

In fact, Joe made sure everyone had a smile on their face throughout the day.

and he stuck around till the very end...

I know Gideon appreciated it, and I certainly did as well.

Remember how I said he could cook? That was an understatement.
Joseph is basically a professional chef, and makes most women feel inadequate in the kitchen.
He can, like, cook.

Maybe one of my favorite things about Joe, is what a good friend  he is. Without fail, every time Gid gets to catch up with Joe on the phone, he's in a great mood afterwards because Joe has the ability to put anyone in a good mood. And joe always tells gideon to tell me hi. Which is nicer than average. Don't you think? I think. Joe inspires both Gideon and I to be better friends.

The moral of the story is that everyone needs a Gregory House MD in their lives. Mine is Joseph Short. And I know for a large fact that I am not the only one who is grateful for him.


  1. I have a secret crush on Joe. And who doesn't?!! He's an all-around awesome guy! I miss seeing his face!

  2. Joe, I totally second what Alyssa said. However, imagine, if I had written it... HAHA! You're the man Joe and Alyssa, we all love you!

  3. I bet Andrew would sure make us laugh with his version. You guys are the top notch FHE brothers... ever. Good choice, Alyssa.


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