Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Live List

A friend of mine makes 'live lists' of ways she can put more energy, EXCITEMENT, and gratitude into her life. I'm thinking more and more that it's a OUTstanding idea.

None of us will ever be younger than TODAY.

These things on my list might not seem like big deals to you, but I know they'll make me happy, and after I accomplish these little things, I know I'll be ready to tackle bigger ones.
After that- I'm going to make another list, and it's going to be even more full of life!
So here it is: my Live List. I'm going to try to accomplish all of these things in 9 months...
(so if in April of 2011, you run into me, feel free to ask me if I've lived my list)
1. Walk along the beach barefoot holding hands with the one I love.

2. Run a 1/2 marathon!
(*after I train with miss courtney amber who inspires me more than I can say)

3. Go to the fair! (And enter a photograph!)
4. Go camping. No electricity or running water allowed (unless it's running off a waterfall).

5. Experience another audition.

6. Have a bad hair day. And embrace it. Because, lets be honest, I can work it.

7. Try a day without shoes, AC, or my car.
in order to appreciate the small blessings I enjoy everyday

8. Go a day without using a mirror.

in order to more fully appreciate the importance of inner beauty

9. Fly a kite at the beach!

10. Dance in the rain
(partner optional)

11. Throw a tea party.
(*I should give credit to the lovely courtney for that idea as well)

12. Visit a tulip garden

13. Plant a tree

14. Star gaze

15. Swim in the ocean, or at least a big lake.

I can't wait to start checking my list off! Won't you join me?


  1. ummmm...hello!? I'd love to join you on many many of these things!!!! First of all, lets go camping! I love REAL camping and have been dying to go all summer! That's it, we're going to do it.

  2. run a 1/2 marathon? YAY!!! I like that one :) You are awesome!! I love you lady.


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