Monday, July 26, 2010

My Guy.

Who better to start off my 20 people who inspire, than with the sweet love of my life?

Gideon is pretty famous for being awesome in general, but there are lots of amazing things he does that not just everyone knows.

For instance: He dated me.
(inspiring in itself...)
And anyone who's dated me can definitely attest to the crazy non commitment issues that I struggle with (among other weird characteristics). He wanted to date, and initially I wasn't quite sure. Then he wasn't sure. Then I was sad and really wasn't sure. The he was sure. (Like, SURE.) But I still was on the unsure side of my already unsure feelings. Even after we got engaged I had all of these hesitations because I was worried that we weren't right for eachother (specifically- I wasn't right for him). 

I always thought that I would be the 'catch' in my relationship, but I'm pretty sure I'm the one who turned out to be lucky.

Gideon is a man of service. He's happiest when he is making others happy. One day for instance, he took my car to the car shop to get the oil changed for me. I hate going to those places, and he knew that, so he left early before work to take care of it. THEN he texted me
"Done! I sure love you!"
On top of the already huge service he had given me, he decided to send me a little message confirming that he had completed the task (that he volunteered to do), and make sure I knew that he loved me. Typical Gideon.

THEN- LATER that day, after I got home from an exhausting day of work, instead of telling me that he was hungry (and I know he was, since he had just finished a probably even more strenuous day) and asking what was for dinner, he suggested that I go take a relaxing shower while he made dinner. When I got out of the shower, Gideon had dinner ready with a genuine smile on his face. Typical. I just love him so much. I spend alot of time feeling like a moron for ever being unsure about our relationship. I'm grateful that Gideon was and is patient with me in all of my stupid insecurities, tolerates my crazy moments, and makes such an effort to make me feel good. He supports and encourages my aspirations and dreams, and I feel so blessed to have that in my life, and inspired to be a better spouse and person.

Gid and I have disagreements just about every day (like every normal couple), but he has a way of making our conversations building blocks towards greater understanding and compromise between the two of us. And he knows that no matter how 'angry' I might get, he's just a few little kisses away from being out of the doghouse. Which is a good for us. We've learned to get over disagreements fast, because 99.99% of the time, they're just not worth arguing over.

Sometimes we just resort to paper rock scissors, or thumb wars, which, lets be honest- I've got in the bag.

Gideon is a genius. Did you know that? Next to my insanely incredible father, Gideon is the single most capable person I know in the world (and my dad has a few years on him...) Growing up on a dairy farm, he developed a terrific work ethic, which has blessed him with the ability to apply himself, learn well and work hard. It's so rare to find individuals who are willing and able to work like Gid is. He motivates me to work harder and to be a better person.

I think the thing I love most about gideon is how hard he tries to always do the right thing. Even when it's not easy. He always encourages me to be better. And many of us know how difficult that can be; especially when I'm in a grouchybear mood. But that's my gideon.

My typical gideon. He who makes me laugh. Without trying most of the time. Actually, I think I laugh the hardest when gideon is trying very hard to be serious.

On those nights when all I want to do is pull the sheets over my head and fall into a deep and endless sleep, it is Gideon who, equally tired and defeated suggests that we read our scriptures. Am I then so tired? Yes, but for some reason, on those nights I love him even more. And I'm pretty confident that gid knows that.

This last weekend, gid and I went to a family reunion. On Sunday we got up around 5 in the morning to travel to boise to make it to gid's 9 am meeting. That's not early for us normally, but when we get to bed super late on Saturday, get up SUUper early on Sunday morning, drive 4 hours, then rush into the apartment, take the quickest showers of our lives, and get ready for church- it's a pretty yucky.

Gideon (reeking with amazingness) didn't so much as utter a word of grouchiness all morning. I (tried to) sleep on the way home, and when we got to the apartment, I crashed in a dramatic heap on our bed convinced that there was no way I could make it to church with the monster headache I was experiencing, and the horrible tummyache the weekend festivities had caused. Gideon (who was the unlucky one who had to DRIVE by the way,) happily changed into his church clothes, gave me a kiss goodbye, as I grouchily looked at the clock calculating just how long of a nap I could take if I wanted to also go to church. I decided I should at least go to sacrament meeting. Sitting next to the man I love and listening to the wonderful talks was fantastic. I needed it. And after little persuasion from myself to myself, I decided to stay the whole day. The point is- if it weren't for gid, I probably wouldn't have made it to church. Not because he is the foundation of my testimony, but because he inspires me  (without knowing) to be a better girl than I think sometimes I can be.

I'm a lucky girl. 

I think I'm the luckiest girl that I know actually. I hope most girls think they're the luckiest girl they know. I think they do.
 I didn't anticipate this kind of luck. I always thought my guy would be lucky.

Wrong again. (Typical Alyssa)
I sure must have done something right.


  1. That's Gideon: PPIE (practically perfect in everyway).
    He's equally as lucky to have a beautiful, talented, smart, nice girl to be married to!

  2. What a great post! Not only are you a talented photographer but an amazing writer as well! Thanks for sharing....

  3. Beautiful. I'm lucky, too. :) We both definitely did something right!

    PS This is Hannah Cruz!

  4. PPS

    I LOVE this: Trying to: not purchase baby clothes. Because- I don't have a baby...

  5. hahaa! Oh hannah! I know who you are. I just adore you.


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