Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to What Is Really Important:

...My 20 People Who Inspire.

The next two people I'm doing together as a pair for several reasons: 

a) they are a team. 

b) they look great together. 

c) I happen to have a bunch of recent and awesome pictures of them.

You guessed it! I want to write about my parents

Attractive much? Just sayin'.

It feels silly just doing a simple post about these two incredible people. I could do a '20 Inspiring Things My Parents Have Done', or '20 Reasons My Parents Seem To Be Perfect', or '20 Reasons I'd Be Awesome If I Was Half As Awesome As My Parents'. I could go on, trust me. But just writing my parents as ONE of Twenty other inspiring people seems strange. It doesn't seem right. So- not enough to describe how great they are. These two people are by far the most inspiring people who I could write about. There's no way I could write all of the reasons why. would disown me for writing too much.  


In an attempt to not write for days and days, I'm going to focus my writings on the different inspiring things my parents did just in the week I got to hang out with them in Hawaii. 

Here I go, even though I know whatever I write won't do them justice.

Mom and Dad are Adventurous.

Before Gid and I arrived, Mom and Dad decided to try zip lining.

 They loved it. 

My parents are such adventurers. They've both been skydiving, scuba diving, and any other kind of diving you can think of. I don't even know all of the countries they've explored (partly because my dad volunteers with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Humanitarian Aid, and partly because they are crazy traveling adventurers). One of the reasons my parents fell in love was because they shared a desire to explore and have adventures. 

If they hadn't found that common characteristic, 
maybe the beautiful Californian BYU  study abroad student 
(my mother) 

wouldn't have fallen in love with the handsome young medical student

 (my father). 

Sigh. Oh the romance. No wonder I'm such a girl. 

Dad is a super stud. He's a master belly boarder.

If any of you need lessons, he's your man.

My Parents Are Sweet

I love how mom and dad have a way of showing love to each other with everything they do. My dad always holds my mother's hand. And he always makes sure when they are walking, that he is on the side closest to the road. I love that. My mother always kisses my dad's cheek, laughs at his jokes, and hugs him. They exchange lovely compliments on a daily basis.

And that's just the beginning of the different ways I see them show love every day.

Mom and Dad are
Unafraid to Laugh
mom- "remember that time you did this funny thing?"
dad- "yeah honey, now lets look at the camera."

I love the way these two joke around with each other.
Mom puts up with dad's silly movies, and Dad puts up with mom's femininity. 
And I mean 'put up' in the best way possible. They love putting up with each other.

My Parents are Thrifty.

During our week in Hawaii, Gideon and I only ate out one time with my parents. Instead of spending all of our money eating out every three hours, we went to local grocery stores and farmers markets, made meals together, and enjoyed them out on our little hotel patio. It was lovely. And so much less expensive than what I know it could have been. 

And now,  a funny story about how 'thrifty' my parents are. 

As we were driving down a mountain, my mother spotted a mango tree, and let out an excited desire to pull over so we could see if there were any ripe mangoes available to, ahem, take (...not steal). She and dad got out of the car and as dad strategically walked around the tree, 
trying to find the best angle to see ripe mangoes,

 mom, almost skipping with glee, 

circled the tree, 
and scavenged the ground where the rotten mangos sat. 

Instead of finding a ripe mango, mom found a large stick, which she proceeded to throw at the tree, in high hopes of capturing a fresh ready to eat mango. After that, mom and dad started throwing everything they could find at the ripe bundles of mangoes.

 Rocks, even bigger sticks, rotten mangoes... anything that could be a tool to get the prize. I wonder what would have happened if a police man drove by. 

Needless to say, mom and dad were victorious in their quest. 

And we had the most lovely freshly made mango smoothie that evening. 
Thanks to my parents. 
And their adventurously thrifty ways.

so much more 
to write about these two lovely people, who raised me, 
and taught me the ways of awesomeness.

However, Gideon and I have a pizza to eat, and duty calls. 

Lovely day to all of you.

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