Monday, August 30, 2010


Gid and I were able to spend the weekend with family in California for my sweet cousin Tommy's wedding. I know I always say this, but it was a breath of fresh air to get out of Boise. I don't try to make it sound like Boise is claustrophobic; it's not. Boise has been great. But I sure do love to get out whenever I can. Especially when I get to go with Gid. I love seeing my family. Not only was I able to see my Aunt Patti and Uncle Mike (everybody needs an Aunt Patti and Uncle Mike), but I was able to see my Grandma Julie, and my sweet mom, along with other relatives. I just adore my mother. While we were visiting with some of our extended family, one of my uncles said in reference to my mom, "That woman just walks on water." And I thought to myself, "I think she walks on water, and she's my mother..." Like I got to see her in her best and worst moments, and I still think she's the most Christlike person in the world. I just adore her. She's the best mother in the world for me.

Aunt Patti and Uncle Mike were so much fun to be around. Gideon, not used to the heavy dose of awesomeness that one is exposed to being in the Peterson home, was laughing so hard from sunrise to sundown, (especially when me, patti, mom and grandma were getting dinner ready) and I feel confident he got an excellent abdominal work out.

Gid and I were also lucky, because we were able to hit Disneyland on Friday! We made the half hour drive down in my Uncle Mike's beloved porsche with the top down. It was saw-eeet!! And my hair- my hair was bodaciously amazing. We hit all the rides we wanted to, and ate disgustingly expensive disneyland food. We spied on Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty (who was wide awake by the way) signing autographs, and we met a kinda grouchy Mary Poppins who was threatening little girls under her breath. I don't think Julie Andrews would approve, but if I was wearing that heavy of an outfit on that hot of a day, I think I'd be ready to kill everyone before you could say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious too. It was a magical day. We definitely got lost in downtown LA on our way home, and had to stop some policemen to get back on the right freeway, but it was a truly magical day. The only thing that would have made it more magical would have been if I was able to meet Prince Naveen from the Princess and the Frog. I've had a mad crush on him for a few months now. It's ok. I like Gideon more. Like alot more. And we had such a lovely time in the happiest place on earth.  I've got to be honest though: Minnie and Mickey got nothin' on hanging out with my family. The fun we had with family was really the epic part of our trip.

Tommy's wedding was lovely. Classy, elegant, comfortable, and lovely. Isn't it crazy how much family changes in such a short period of time? I hardly recognize my cousin's kids, and I noticed a gorgeous girl while I was photographing the wedding, and then realized she was my cousin Rachel. She's the type who without meaning to, makes you feel like your resume is about the size of a gum wrapper. So accomplished. So gorgeous. And, thats right- related to yours truly. I love my family. I love them so much. Aunt Patti and I cried like babies when my mom had to take off, and then we cried again when I had to go. Patti is one of a kind. She's funny and sweet, smart and accomplished, and can make anyone in the world feel like they are the most important thing ever. Compared to her, I have the personality of a shoe. My Uncle Mike is basically the most charming man on the face of the planet, and watching he and aunt patti joke around with eachother makes me so excited to grow old with my Gid. I was able to spend several weeks with Aunt Patti and Uncle Mike when I was in college, and I had such a marvelous blast with them. So spending time with them, is very similar to being home. I know where the jelly bean stash is. Need I say more?

Everybody needs and Aunt Patti and Uncle Mike. And a sweet tommy. And a gorgeous Rachel. And an funny grandma julie. And a bunch of adorable 1st cousins, once removed. And an undeniably perfect mom. And everyone before, after, in between and throughout.

Oh family. How I miss you. I can't wait till next time.


  1. I lived in California all last summer and never made it to Disneyland! I'm still mad at myself for not going when I could have cause now I'm stuck in Arkansas until NEXT summer! Bummmmmmer!

  2. haha! Arkansas sounds about as exciting as Idaho. But you're so creative (I've stalked your blog)I'm sure you'll find treasured experiences wherever life takes you.

  3. If I knew you were down here I would have had you take my family pics! We need an updated one, and I love all of the pictures you take! maybe next time? :)

  4. shoot, becca! I would've loved to photograph your adorable family. Next time, I'll definitely give you a heads up. :)


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