Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just another reason...

I'm grateful for blessings:

Today I had to stop by Walmart on the way home from work.

I hate Walmart. 

But I had to buy some toilet paper.

It was important.

So I went. Annoyed. Just as I parked the car, I felt my phone slip out of my pocket and fall behind the driver's seat. More annoyed. I actually thought for just a second, "Why? Why on a day when I'm already in a grouchy mood does my phone have to fall out of my pocket and into the back seat?!" But I needed my phone. So I grouchily got out of the car, opened the back seat door, and picked up my phone. And then I noticed the Wal-mart bag that had bike locks in it that Gideon asked me to return to Wal-Mart.

It became very clear.

Had my phone not fallen out of my pocket, I would not have gone to the back seat. And had I not gone to the back seat, I wouldn't have seen the bike lock bags, and had I not seen those bags, I would have forgotten to return them today. Which would have resulted in another trip to Wal Mart. So basically, I think Heavenly Father encouraged my phone to fall out of my pocket so that I would be saved from another lame-o trip to Wal Mart.

I'm blessed.

Lovely Wednesday to all of you.

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