Friday, August 13, 2010

Letters to my Future Children: #1

My last post got me thinking about what I would and would not be willing to share on a blog in letters. There are, of course, topics I'll write to my kiddos that I don't want available for the entire world to see, but there are a lot of topics that I'd be fine with sharing with loved ones and friends. I've already started writing some shorter letters (I'm not ready to get into the deeper subjects), and I've decided this one will be the first that I'll share. When I write, I feel like I write to my girls and boys separately, because I feel like I have different things to say to them. That will probably change; I'll probably have some letters for the girls, some for the boys, and some for both. It'll be interesting to see what comes.

I wish you all the loveliest weekend.

To My Little Girls,

Hopefully you aren't upset or annoyed by the names I've been thinking of for you. They come to me alot easier than boy names, and frankly, I like baby girl clothing more than I like baby boy clothing. You probably know that though, don't you girls? The other day, I found myself in the baby girl swimming suit section, trying to decide between a yellow tutu swimsuit, or a pink tutu swimsuit. After much thought, I ended up buying the pink, becuase I have a feeling it will go well with your personalities.

 But, a few days later I went back for the yellow one.

So now I have both. For the days when you're feeling like a star, and the other days when you're feeling like a flower. You never know, my sweet darlings. And they were on sale. I hope I don't pass on the 'shopping for things you have absolutly no need for yet' gene to you. I'll try to keep you away from Anthropologie until absolutely necessary. You should actually feel special, because I'm sure your brothers will have less attention to their wardrobe selections. But I'm sure they won't mind. Boys usually don't. Your father doesn't at least.

Maybe I'll just leave baby boy swim trunk shopping to him.

Scratch that.
I'll go ahead and be in charge of the boy's clothing too.

I've been thinking a little bit, girls. I've been wondering if you will love dancing as much as I do. I've just signed up to take classes again, and I can't believe how much I missed it. Your Grandma Rose loved dancing, I love dancing... I just wonder if you will too.

It's quite alright if you don't love dancing. When I was small, I couldn't stand the thought of pink tights. Maybe you won't like tights either. Or maybe you will.  You may be more into music, like Melody. Or maybe you'll find something else completely that you absolutly adore. That would be marvelous.

I just wonder.

No pressure, but I have a feeling you'll look simply lovely in a pink tutu.
Whether it's a swimsuit or a real one.

That's all for now, girls.
Try to be patient.
Hopefully it won't be too long.


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