Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NEXT on my list...

is the great Andrew Chaffin.

Andrew, like Joe, is really a friend who I was able to meet through Gideon. Originally, I planned to put Joe and Andrew in the same post, but there's too much awesomeness between the two of them for a single post.

...My blog would've exploded into a soggy mess dripping with stud-juice.

Andrew and Gideon's families were both in 
salmon, idaho 
while the boys were growing up, and are still close.

I asked Gideon if he had any stories about Andrew that he wanted to share. He proceeded to give me multiple experiences of Andrew being a good friend throughout their years in Salmon, into college, and now- into our post graduation years. 

I would share, but I don't think I would do them justice as Gideon was tired, mumbling, and falling asleep. My husband is adorable. Period.

The summary of the stories confirmed what I already know about Andrew Chaffin: 
He's basically just a really good guy.

It must be said early in the post that Andrew's mother Nancy is one of the 
most incredible women I've ever met.
andrew with his wonderful mother

I just adore her. She's a wonderful example of charity, and is full of a lovely energy that brings out the best in people. She (without effort) has the ability to put those around her at ease, and make them feel truly important. I hope someday to share some of those qualities. Needless to say, Andrew was raised by incredible parents, which explains the sort of person he is.

Andrew has been a tremendous example to both Gideon and I of

and perseverance.

 I've seen Andrew tackle situations more difficult than I could imagine with positive determination, and it inspires me to be brave with any trial that could come my way.

Andrew and I happened to take a class together in college. Within the first few discussions, I could tell that he was SMARTER than average, and had a lot of higher education in front of him because of his brain's capacity. Now, normally with these type of people, I have a strange desire to set them on fire after they've set the bar (or worse, the grading curve), but with Andrew, I mostly felt impressed. There are some people (my eldest brother is another example of this) who's intellect has nowhere to go but up. They're made to learn, and especially, to excel.

I, on the other hand, am made to eat snow cones, sleep, and dance on stage in foreign countries. What can I say? We all have our strengths. Andrew's are just a seemingly more impressive than mine...

andrew with his wonderful sister

I actually took a different class with Laurel, Andrew's sister. I remember I liked her very much because a) she was quite pleasant to be around, and b) she always had snacks during class and often would feed me. Turns out, sharing food and being pleasant runs in the Chaffin family. Andrew also carried food with him, and was always willing to share. Good guy. I could write a post just on how much I appreciate food sharing, but there is so much more good stuff to Andrew than the food that he shares with others.

Andrew is chalk full of ambition.  That plus his ability to learn and work could be a pretty lethal combo. He just finished an internship over on the east coast and now he's working in research over on the west coast.  After that- who knows?
A little bird told me EUROPE was a possibility.

...Well traveled much?

Ambition is, in my opinion, the best thing ever. Next to snow cones. And yes, I know I already mentioned snow cones. I like them. Get over it.

Andrew is a good friend. This last weekend, we were able to see him
at one of our friend's roommate's weddings. 

I remember when Andrew made the trip out to our wedding, as well.

Gideon sure knows how to pick stud groomsmen.

...and clearly, ones who know how to have fun. 

I don't know Andrew really really well, but I know this about him: he loves his family and he's very loyal to his friends. I can't express enough how much I admire people who are aware of how important family is. When I've seen Andrew around his family, or talking about his family, I can see how important they are to him. Likewise, I know that Andrew's family are nothing but loving and appreciative of him. So many families could learn from this example.

Keep an eye out for this one, my dear bloggie buddies. 
Should you see a handsome man on a european bound flight, 
at a Chaffin Family Outing, 
or on the cover of some magazine entitled 
"I'm Awesome, and You Can Learn To Be Too"
you should mention that you read 
all about him on my blog. 

He'll be nice. He's a good guy.

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