Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birthday Boy.

Ever since I've met Gideon, I've seen girls fall in love with him.
Girls, who on a scale from 1-10 are a two thumbs up, enthusiastic TEN.

I'm probably not the best wife Gideon could have snatched. 

I'm painfully annoying, and enjoy snuggling obnoxious amounts of time. 

I get whiny often, especially when I'm tired, and I'm anemic, so I'm always tired. 
Oh. And I hate to cook. (Unless you count making strawberry milk, and toast. Which I consider a perfectly healthy diet, just like any crazy person.)

I'm so far from perfect, it's ridiculous. Just ask my ballet teacher. Actually, let's leave ballet out of this.

{Let it be known though, that I have a killer jackie chan impression 
(especially when I karate kick the microwave shut), 
and I can nail a bulls eye with a 22 rifle 100 yards away.
So it's not like I'm a total loser wife...}

But Gideon. 


Gideon. With his swampy green eyes, and his genuinely sweet smile that makes me go weak at the knees; Gideon with his deep laugh, and his monster feet, and his strong hands that hold mine perfectly. Gideon, with his firm ambition, his unfailing love of the gospel, and his devotion to family.

Gideon is quite simply, my Perfect 10.

The very best husband I ever could have snatched.
(actually, I think some people believe I cast some sort of 
spell to make him fall in love with me. And maybe I did.)

He doesn't realize how perfect he is.
Which only reinstates his perfection. 

Gideon just had his 26th Birthday. 

I jumbled a mixture of semi-fun activities,
which turned into kind of a lame birthday night, 
but Gid smiled, and kissed me just the same.

He wasn't mad that his birthday evening was spent eating a half baked pie
 (with Birthday candles melted into it).

{, alyssa.}

He didn't mind that instead of something exciting and birthday-tastic, 
we just played cards while waiting for our treat to bake.

He excitedly went on a bike ride with me around sunset. 

And when the sun had set,
the candles had been blown out,
and his first day as a 26 year old was over,
he was still my Perfect 10.

He still is.
And he always will be.

Happy Birthday, perfection.


  1. I knew there was a reason September 13 stuck in my mind. Happy Birthday!
    And Alyssa, I've been thinking about you a lot. I hope I can get all those thoughts down in a letter soon.

  2. Kelly! How we miss you, and all of our other kirkham buddies. I hope you're still dancing. You should keep it up as long as possible, darling.


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