Friday, September 24, 2010

Dance Log 5


I almost skipped Thursday's class for several reasons:

1- I couldn't find anything clean to put on my feet, and there is a strict "no bare skin touching the floor" policy.
2- I've been feeling under the weather lately.
3- I've been feeling tight in the leotard lately. 
(Yes. I'm insinuating that I've been eating too many biscuits.)

Eventually, I grabbed a pair a dirty socks (being washed even as we speak), then, taking a deep breath, got my leotard and tights on, and went to ballet. And do you know what happened??

My teacher told me that my arms had improved greatly.

Then afterwards she said, "well, that one is still flailing about, but your left on is ok, I suppose."

Then, while we were doing combinations across the floor, my teacher was yelling at me, following behind closely while I danced. The third time I went, she stopped half way across the floor, and then in a (could it be?) pleasant shout, she exclaimed, "Yes, you're doing it, alyssa! You're doing it well!" The second sentence seemed more like a question than a statement, but then she repeated it in a more confident tone, "You're doing it well!"

You guys, I'm getting better!!!

The group who went after me (all swans, of course), gracefully did the combination with ultimate ease, but it didn't keep me from beaming. I tried to pretend to not be totally proud of myself, but I think the whispers of encouragement to myself, and the patting of my own back probably gave it away. Oh well. It was worth being excited about.  

My teacher thought I did something well

I'm so glad I didn't let a pair of dirty socks keep me from kicking some serious tutu today.


  1. Yay! Compliments are always a good thing!!!

  2. Dear Friend,
    You inspire me on a daily basis, I'm glad you blog!
    PS You are a swan!

  3. Dear Alyssa,
    I just hope you know that I would absolutely love to see you dance again! Every time I read your dance blogs it reminds me of all the beautiful dances you did. And for some reason especially your audition piece. I heart you!!!
    PS One of these times on your dance log you should put up one of the beautiful pictures of yourself!

  4. I have the best friends, friends! Thank you for your sweet support.


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