Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Sweetest Ultimatum.

So the same thing happens every night before we fall asleep. After saying our prayers, having a scripture study, and switching off the lamp, Gideon cuddles up to me and momentarily begins his adorable snore. When I think he's fallen completely asleep, I try to inch away so that I can breathe. Seconds go by. Then he inches closer. I scoot away a bit more. He follows. Sooner than later, I've got about 1/2 an inch before I go tumbling off the bed. When that happens, I either spend the night in misery, because I'm super uncomfortable on the edge, or I poke gideon and ask that he move over to his side of the bed 
(then the whole procedure starts over).

Last night, Gideon snuggled up next to me, and wrapped his arms completely around me so there was no escape. I protested, "Gideon, I can't breathe with you so close. Could you move over to your side?" Gideon, still asleep said in a deliriously muffled voice, "No. I'm giving you an ultimatum. Either you get used to sleeping on the edge, or you get used to snuggling with me." Apparently he was very out of it. Laughing out loud, I must have woken him, because he said in a more awake and confused voice, "...what happened?"

Anyway, I just love my husband.


  1. Somehow I think he knows exactly what he said... haha thats so adorable. So deary, what have you decided?

  2. Hahaha that s hilarious!!! Just so you know you're not the only one that goes through that battle every night.

  3. HA C: I Love this. Check out this article by my sister that she posted a few days ago - it would be the perfect thing to give Gid

  4. Stephanie, your sister is hilareous and SO right. I'm printing out the contract immediately and hanging it over our bed as soon as I have gid sign it. Thanks for sharing lady!

  5. Gideon would use "ultimatum" in his sleep. Geez.


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