Sunday, September 19, 2010

weekend getaway

I've been aching for a weekend getaway.
So, gideon and I decided to go to oregon for the weekend. 

Gid surprised me by reserving a really cool 
(and unexpectedly spooky) room at a historic hotel.

I tried not to think of the haunted mansion, 
but it was really hard to not picture ghosts enjoying a lovely evening.
(We were just in disneyland, maybe that ride spooked me out a little too much)

Wasn't our room just lovely?
Gid is such a keeper.

After grabbing a bite to eat at an adorable diner with a real mini train that went throughout the entire restaurant, gideon and I drove around the spookily quiet town. 
It was friday night! We couldn't figure out where the people were.

{we found them all later at a high school football game}

Gideon and I would jokingly scare each other, 
and then we decided to not make scary jokes anymore.
It got kinda creepy.

But in the morning,

Oregon was beautiful (and un-creepy) as ever.

Even the scarecrows were pleasantly friendly; and cultured too!

We had so much fun going down the main street shoppes,
we looked through antiques, bought some fudge and found some darling purchases.

                                                                   I tried on this vintage dress 
                                                                   that I found in an antique nook.

After doing a little shopping, we took a breather on the steps of a gorgeous church, and just enjoyed watching the golden leaves floating through the air.

We finished the day with some chinese food.
Oh, and some ice cream.

such a great day.


  1. Alyssa, the two of you always manage to be the two most positive, beautiful people I know. Thanks so much for sharing!


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