Thursday, October 28, 2010


Anticipation + Excitement

Anticixcitement seems like a good fusion word of the two don't you think?
(It was between that and excitapation, but excitepation sounds too close to constipation,
so I went with the alternate choice.)

I've been feeling both lately. And as many words as I make up for it, it still feels like a very familiar thing: stress. Sometimes I think that I'm chronically stressed. When I'm crazy busy, and don't have time to do anything I'm stressed because there is just too much on my plate. And when I've got nothing to do, it drives me crazy and I find myself stressed about not having enough on my plate.

The next six months are full of potential life changing opportunities for Gid and I, and it's making me nutty. I can't sleep at night, because I'm thinking about things that excite me, and things that scare me.

(At this point, people ask
me if I'm pregnant. Nope.)

It's just the possibility of change. Change scares me. But it's so exciting. I've been having a lot of dreams lately. Let me correct myself; I've been having a lot of nightmares lately. I wake up with a jolt, and after gideon murmurs something about beef and how he loves me, I try to calm myself down enough to drift back into sleep. I haven't slept the whole night for about a month now. Can I blame strange behavior on that, please? For instance, yesterday I put my cell phone in the refrigerator, and then had to call it to find it.

Is there a difference between anticipation and excitement?
One has a pinch of fear to it, and one a pinch of hopefulness?
I can't really decide which I'm feeling more of.

Thus, a (hopefully not too disappointing) post about anticixcitement.

Any suggestions on ways to calm down and relax would be greatly appreciated.
I need the happy medium of a bubble bath and a tranquiliser shot.

Hey, bloggie buddies: happy Thursday to you.
I mean it. I wish you the loveliest thursday ever.


  1. This may sound lame. But I actually read it as something you can do to really relive stress. Which I mean, you may not be stressed, but sometimes I feel like you can't tell the difference sometimes between anticipation, anxious, you tend to stress yourself out. But before you go to bed, take 7 deep breaths in and 7 deep breaths out. Do them nice and long and slow. Do this also anytime that you start feeling overwhelmed. I think it actually helps. I hope it works for you! (Make sure you really fill those lungs up on the breaths!)

  2. I can't wait to try this RIGHT now. Thanks so much, girly!

    ps- love love love the snuggie pictures. :)

  3. Let's take a girl's trip and forget our worries, ok maybe we should invite our husbands... and while I'm dreaming let's make this trip to Mauritius. I don't believe there is such a thing as stress in sandy, tropical places.
    On a more sincere note I'm sorry you have to go through this! I think about you often and can't imagine having to make the decision you are making right now. I think you are amazing! Just remember everything will work out the way it should, I know, easier said than done...
    Love ya girly!

  4. It might help to look at the future, not in terms of right answers vs. wrong answers, but as an adventure: whatever you choose will be fun and exciting, so just choose the things you enjoy the most and feel the most passionate about.

  5. You just made me laugh out loud!

    Suggestions to relax (coming from someone who struggles w/ stress and anxiety):
    -have a routine -- go to bed and wake up at roughly the same time everyday...believe me, this has made such a difference for me!
    -eat well/healthily, which includes drinking plenty of water
    -avoid caffeine -- YES, chocolate included! It amps up your nervous system!
    -make sure you are reading your scriptures and saying diligent daily prayers! It makes all the difference
    -Above eeeeverything else -- TRUST the LORD. He knows what He's doing. Don't worry so much about all the details in don't have control over most of them anyways. Do what you're supposed to be doing, decide to be grateful, and Heavenly Father will take care of you...promise. :)

  6. Alyssa, I can't imagine you feeling anticixcitement. ;) I really think that the thing that helps me and those around me is to maintain perspective. The easiest way for me to do that is to say out loud to myself or someone else around me- "You know what? Nobody gets out of this thing alive or with any money." For me at least it seems to lead to not diminishing the excitement at all but relieving a lot of the pressure from the anticipation/anxiety. You guys are awesome!


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