Monday, October 4, 2010

crafty crafty crafty...

I adore all of you crafty crafters. Something I've been wanting to get into is silhouette making.

Wouldn't these all make lovely additions to any home?

I think so too. 

Anyway, there are several tutorials online for them, but since I'm too big of a scardy cat, (don't you love fall?) I decided to practice digitally before I go out and buy crafts. This is what I came up with after tinkering with gid and my profiles from some wedding photos.

Fun, right?
I think so too. 

You guys, I'm so happy fall is starting to feel comfortable in boise. Like a shy guest, not wanting to be too much of a bother, he seems to be slowly making himself at home gradually; not wanting to startle anyone. I for one, however, am more than happy to put the flip flops away and pull out my mustard, espresso and spice toned scarfs. Not to mention my Corduroy coats, wool socks, and sweater boots.

Keep in mind, I love the springtime flowers, the winter snowflakes, 
and the cheerful summer rays kissing my skin. 

But, autumn
Autumn with it's crisp briskness, and it's monday football. 
Autumn with it's falling leaves, it's romantic evenings, and it's earthy smell.
Autumn with it's spooky nights, it's apple cider and it's pumpkin pie.


You will always be my secret favorite.

Take a deep breath, friends. 
It won't be long till autumn's vibrant colors go into a deep relaxing hibernation, 
and I'm singing Christmas songs non-stop. Till then, I'm quite content allowing the crisp autumn aura to inspire me to be crafty, to be unique; (or if I'm feeling especially ambitious) to just be me.

What a wonderful life.
Take it in friends. It is oh so wonderful.


  1. I just love your blog!! and I'm dying to wear fall clothes!! actually I'm just dying to be comfortable in the weather.. so i'll probably still wear summer clothes in the fall..

  2. im feeling rather crafty myself :) i love autumn!

  3. i love those!
    i made them in like 2nd grade


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