Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dear October,

October, I meant to write this yesterday (your first day on the job), but I was too busy working, spending time with Gid, cousins and kiddos, eating ice cream and pizza, and then shopping with my dear friend for the homemade spaghetti she's making today. 

I just wanted to give you a big welcome October! How I've missed you. 

September prepared all the trees for you; have you noticed the colors beginning to change? The big leaves give the most delightful crunch. In fact, the other day, on my way back from ballet, I was happily investing time walking from leaf to leaf enjoying the magical feeling of the crisp leafs crumbling beneath my feet. I didn't hear the bicycler coming behind me, and he almost ran me over. Oops. But I don't care. You know that magnificent crispness in the air that you bring every year? Could we maybe get some of it today? As you know, it's the first day of conference, and I'd really like the outdoor setting to be right.  I love walking out from conference and seeing leaves falling. Oh, October! I just love you and your fall month brothers! Oh, and if you're able to, could you maybe let the colors last a little bit longer this year? I love the reds and yellows especially.

Your gifts are so very treasured to me, October.

I hope you know we all missed you, and we've been excitedly waiting for you.
Enjoy your stay.



  1. I love October! It really is a beautiful month.

  2. I love October too! And I love you. Which is why I gave you a blog award on my blog. :)

  3. Oh, darling Granddaughter-In-Law--you love Autumn and Gideon as much as I do. How did our family get along without You for so long?


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