Sunday, October 10, 2010

hypothetically speaking

Let's say hypothetically there is a girl. 

Been married for a little over a year.

Lets say hypothetically that she and her husband don't have kids. Yet.

Lets say that
her siblings
may or may not be expecting.

(and her siblings- lets say- are having a puppy theme in their nursery)

Let's say hypothetically again that
she is definitely not pregnant 
or close to it (unless you count over eating sweet treats on a regular basis- but in that case, hypothetically you probably shouldn't mention it to her, because hypothetically she's probably overly sensitive to comments about looking a little tubby. Hypothetically.)

So this hypothetical girl; she buys darling baby clothes basically every time she sees them. 

And she plans to continue.
She's not crazy, right?

I mean, hypothetically speaking...


  1. You are not crazy and those outfits are adorable! I love the puppies the most, and well the cupcake outfit is simply one of the cutest outfits I've ever seen!

  2. Hypothetically? Not at all. Hypothetically she's just a rockin' awesome girl who can't resist the immense cuteness of absolutely everything (almost) that falls in the sizes 0-24 mo. Completely understandable. ;) (PS- Pretty sure I love you... haha)

  3. CUTE post! I purchased baby clothes for YEARS before we had babies...of course, every time I spied an adorable baby outfit I couldn't resist....


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