Monday, October 18, 2010


I've started making weekly goals, and yesterday I made a goal to not be super cranky today- monday.

I try not to, but
I hate mondays.

I hate them almost as much as
I hate the smell of milk that has gone bad.

Actually, that's what mondays are to me: sundays that have been sitting out too long and now have turned to sour mondays.

Anyway, back to my goal; not my smelly analogy that defeats the purpose of it.

I've been feeling suffocated lately with the combination of work and photography, and I finally caught up with some of my photo shoot editing. When my clients are out of state, I always use the same little postal shoppe. It's about 2 miles from our apartment, and run by the most lovely old man. I stopped by, and he greeted me with his normal cheerfulness. I've never known a lousy mailman. The mailman who delivered to our family in Texas is also the sweetest man in the world. When I was a little girl I would put flowers in the mailbox for him with notes expressing thanks for bringing us anticipated goods from afar. I think there must be some sort of mailman oath that says something like, "We, the mailmen of america swear to be sweet at all times." Seriously.

Anyway as I was chatting with the mailman, he asked me if I was doing my photography full time. Explaining that I do it super part time since I have a job that takes up all of my week, my mailman sighed, and said, "I wish you could visit me more,

You're the sparkle in my day."

If he was a middle aged man with a toupee, it would have been creepy and a little upsetting. But he's a sweet old man with kind eyes and suspenders. He uses a cane to get from on end of his shoppe to the other. He always has fresh lavender in an antique vase on his counter, and he smells of peppermint.
He has a picture of himself, his wife and a dog that looks like it's about as old as they are.

And he thinks that I sparkle.

Lately I've felt more like a dud than a sparkler. Roll out of bed because my brain makes me. Kiss gid as he leaves for work. Put concealer under my eyes to hide the obvious stress that I want so desperately to disappear. Sit at work for 7-10 hours. Get back in the car. Get home. Make something horribly cliche and pathetic like hamburger helper. Shower. Crawl into bed, kiss my husband goodnight. Sleep. Wake up. And then I roll out of bed because my brain makes me.

But as "dud"ful as I felt, someone thought of me as a sparkle. And I wasn't even wearing anything remotely glittery. I was in a postal shoppe. I think of sparkles in my life: my sweet husband naturally, my photography clients, my friends, my bloggie buddies, my family. Gosh, I miss my family.

There are sparkles everywhere. They surround me.
I'd love to hear the different unique places people find sparkle.
Where do you find it?

ps- you should really probably comment, because I hate it when
people ask questions on their blog and no one responds.

Help a sister out, huh?


  1. I'll answer the question on your blog, if you answer the question of the day on mine!!! ;)

    First of all, I feel the exact same way. I just posted on facebook today that I love feeling so high on Sunday, but I hate feeling so low on Monday. Mondays are just yucky. :(

    Second of all, I also had the sweetest mailman growing up, and for a short time I wanted to be a mailman when I grew up because of him! But the mailman we have now is grouchy, so that nixes the thought that they're all sweet.

    Thirdly, I love that your sweet mailman told you that! What a highlight to hear on a downer day!!! It made me smile just reading that! You ARE a darling, Alyssa!

    And Finally, I find sparkle in music and laughter. MUSIC--listening to a/o performing it. LAUGHTER--hearing funny things, seeing funny things, and participating in fun things with my family a/o friends!!!

  2. I find sparkles in a call from my grandpa in the middle of the day, of course I'm at work and my boss lets me take the call. He just wanted to chat and see when I'm coming to visit him.
    I find sparkles in my best friend designing my business card and being just as excited as I am.
    My friends little girl running up and giving me a hug while saying, "My Anna!"
    My husband sitting patiently while a good friend and I just keep talking even though we've said goodbye ten times and it's really late. He's so good to me. I love that he loves me + my friends.

  3. i find sparkle in the laughter of my daughter, in her silly running and dancing, in her desire to be naked as much as possible, and in watching her find fascination in things that are so new to her yet something commonplace for me.
    I find sparkle in the cashier who looks at my belly and my toddler and opens a new line just for me.
    I find sparkle in the fall air so crisp I feel like I could bite into it like a ripe granny smith, yet by the afternoon it's more like a warm apple pie.
    I find sparkle in small unexpected notes, texts, or messages from loved ones.
    I find sparkle in reevaluating my day and seeing the hand God had in it in some small way.

  4. Creeks just big enough to wade in.
    My kids are always sparkling--I am so lucky!
    My awesome husband is many sources of sparkle.

    Have a sparkly day!

  5. I ask questions sometimes on my blog too. nobody really anwers. ha. i understand. i find sparkles in your writing. :) glad i found your blog!

  6. Alyssa Suzanne,
    First off, this post is beautiful- thanks for posting it. I need to remember more sparkle in my life. Thanks for helping me think about it. :) On days when I completely forget that sparkle even exists, the sky almost always reminds me it's there. It doesn't matter if it's early morning yellowy-blue or stormy shades of gray, or brilliant rusty pinks of sunsent, or the bright white-blue of midday... there's so much beauty just from looking up. And, thankfully, that usually reminds me to look a little higher and remember to be grateful to Him who really matters. :) You're wonderful and amazing and again, thank you for helping me think about this. You're lovely in so so many ways!

  7. SO SWEET! i just love cute old men :) loved this post (as always). Smiles are where i find sparkle. they are so simple and so easily can make your day!

  8. When Jeffree looks at me and tells me I'm beautiful on those really bad days (even though sometimes it makes me mad).
    When students finally grasp a concept.
    When I get to hold my favorite babies at church.
    Relief Society.
    Holding Jeff's hand (or the hand of a little child).
    Making people laugh/ laughing with them.

  9. i find sparkles at 3 am when my baby cries and wakes me up. at first i get a little bitter to get up so early in the morning, but once i hold that child and hear his cry softening down because he's aware i am his mother, i find sparkle in the relationship that we have.

  10. Thank you for writing about this Alyssa! My grandpa (who I and Jackson are named after) was a mailman for over 30 years. When he got older, my mom helped him out a few days a week until she completely took over and became the maillady. I always appreciated those that took time to get to know them and leave them gifts especially during the holidays. When you have the same mailman for 30 years, I guess you can get to know him pretty well and everyone did. I think I might write a blog post about him inspired by your post.

    You brightened my day with those beautiful pictures. Thanks again.

    I echo what several already said about their kids and husbands. I also find sparkles in service. I love visiting sisters in the ward and getting to know their unique personalities. I have so much to learn from those around me.

  11. Intellegent words sparkle.
    Moms and sisters visiting Ohio really sparkle.
    Baby girls learning to crawl and clap and do something new every second sparkle.
    Beautiful music sparkles.
    Making new friends gives life a little extra sparkle.

  12. All I have to do is watch Tiffany doing just about anything:
    - Brushing her hair
    - Helping a child
    - Reading a book
    - Talking on the phone

    Wow. That's all I say. Wow.

  13. My sweet husband is the sparkle in my day almost always!

    Thank you for always being so beautifully optimistic...I don't think there are many of us in the world!

    Keep blogging and we'll keep reading. :)

  14. Holy guacamole- What cool bloggie buddies I have! Thanks for your sparkles, friends. It really is a wonderful life.


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