Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dance Log 11


I mean wow.

I must give photo credit today to the ballerina project and also to the lovely Stephanie Patterson who introduced me to the photos in the first place.

Violeta -  East River
Become a fan of the Ballerina Project: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ballerina-project/22455674948
(Stephanie, by the way, was the photographer for our wedding and has some major crazy talent. Check. Her. Out.

Ballet today was rough, and not just because I had a dream that Gideon tried to sell me on craigslist last night. When I stepped into class, I found that we had company. Professional company. Sitting in the center of the floor with long graceful legs, and a perfectly sculpted frame was the most gorgeous girl I think I've ever seen. I recognised her from a Trey McIntyre Project performance I saw over a year ago. She's that stunning. Turned out that the professional company is on a holiday break and our visitor was interested in taking some classes in the meantime. Oh snap, right? I knew my teacher was good.

It was very humbling and motivational to take class with such talent. It pushed me. Not that I thought in some parallel universe I could compare to the prima, but it made me want to try to be more like her. Longer. More graceful. Less dorky. Like I said, it was humbling and motivational. More humbling than motivational. By the end of the class I discovered a sweat spot on my leotard around the midsection. That's how you know I've really been worked: belly button sweat. Seriously. By the time I stumbled into the office, I was completely deflated. My bosses (I have two of them) asked me how class went, and I dramatically declared that I was the worst ballerina on the face of the planet and I was going to dedicate a life of eating marshmallows, since there was no way I would ever be as thin as what I imagine ballerinas look like. One of the docs said, "Nonsense! You're just lovely. In fact, I think you should be doing So You Think You Can Dance." The other quickly replied, "I would send in a text to vote for you. Maybe two." For him, that's really saying something.

Basically, it made my day. I have the best bosses ever.

I'm just feeling grateful.
Grateful for a healthy body that can dance.
Grateful for the incredible learning opportunities that surround me.
So Grateful for Gid. (That's catchy. I'm going to write a song.)
Grateful for family.

Just grateful.

Happy Tuesday, Friends.


  1. I love the Ballerina Project! Two of my roommates from my dance camp days are studying at SAB and they are in it! It's amazing!

  2. You should do SYTYCD. I want to, but I'm not so good at modern and thats kind of a big part of it...

  3. I would send as many texts in as possible for you! Gary just did a dance in Vegas and the stars of it were some big shots from So You Think You Can Dance (I don't remember who it was). I miss you a ton! When are you guys coming to visit family/me?

  4. I thought you might like that C: I stared for hours and hours. Maybe we should do your TTD a dance thing like that .... i bet you could find a BOMB dance costume that looks like a wedding dress .... just saying. PS - I would vote for you. and not just because we're friends. honest.

  5. These pictures are amazing! I love them!


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