Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dance Log 9

I love ballet, but I've gotta say something:
the pink tights are starting to really get to me.

Today I couldn't stop staring at myself, and not in a good way.
 Are pink tights flattering on anyone?
 (I'm going to go ahead and request that all the men who are dying to make a
sarcastic comment keep their thoughts to themselves.)

I love watching ballerinas in their pink tights, black leotards,
tutus, and pointe shoes.

I simply must make a comment about this being one of the most gorgeous paintings ever.
Don't you agree?

I love watching those stunning girls in pink tights and tutus. I just don't like wearing those things. I feel like a clumsy elephant. A clumsy elephant in pink tights and a strappy leotard. Eating a doughnut. I wish I had a doughnut right now. Ok. Moving on.

Some of you may be wondering when I'll stop writing my dance logs (some of you probably also wonder why I always get on off subject tangents about food). Well, my ballet class is a little more than 1/2 over (and I tangent about food when my stomach is growling). I feel like I learn more every day in ballet, even though sometimes it's really frustrating. 

This isn't the end of dance for alyssa though.

 I just registered for two
new dance classes for next semester!!

The first is an advanced modern technique class (insert hallelujah chorus). The second is a choreography class. I'm so excited to use that creative part of my brain again, and I feel so blessed to have a husband who is so willing to let me have this outlet. Today in ballet I had a hard time, because I kept thinking about how excited I am to do modern again. I zoned out thinking about it a few times and screwed up several barre exercises.

On a higher note, as we were leaping across the floor, my teacher stopped me and said, "where did you come from? I didn't know you could leap like that." Coming from my teacher, that's a pretty huge compliment. I should have been more excited about it, but I was too busy thinking about modern dance class. I can't wait, friends. In modern class you don't have to wear pink tights. And you get to breathe. And you do moves that aren't always pretty. I love ballet. And really when it comes down to it, I believe ballet is the foundation of technique. But oh, I can't wait to take a modern class.

Happy Tuesday, friends.


  1. I'm so excited for you! I hope you keep a dance log of your modern class, because I'd like to read that one also.

  2. Pink dance tights are the best! Haha. I've actually never worn them, or if I did I was like 4, but they are pink!!

  3. Ah! Excited and jealous that you get to do "moves that aren't always pretty"... I'm teaching my beginning class and they haven't found the beauty in awkward movement yet- I keep telling them that they don't know what they're missing. :) And, by the way, I love your dance logs- don't stop.

  4. Ha ha! I never wore pink tights but Sister Deinhart now absolutely requires them in her classes. And yes that is a beautiful painting! Love it!


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