Saturday, November 20, 2010


November brought boise the first flakes of the year. 
And I'm not talking about people who are unreliable and quirky; not those kinds of flakes. 

The flakes of which I speak are the first snow flakes of the fall season. 

I know what many of you are thinking: 
"Hate to break it to you alyssa, 
but snow means it's winter." 

If I lived in England or Ireland (I wish), that may be true. But here in Idaho, winter formally starts on December 21st. So I'm embracing fall leaves (even if soft, white, deliciously cold crumbles adorn them). 

When I woke up to softly falling whiteness it was like November personally wanted to give me a gentle reminder that not only is Thanksgiving next week, but Christmas; yes, Christmas, is finally coming. Soon I would get to be at home with my family and my newborn nephew to celebrate the holiday of thanks. Soon I would get to watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas". At least 3 times. Soon I would get to buy a Christmas tree and have a decorating party with my sweet husband. Soon we would be dancing in our teeny kitchen to oldies Christmas music. Soon my family would snuggle up by the fire and read the Christmas story. 

 Not today. But soon.

Dear, Sweet November. Thank you for the soft, cold, white reminder.


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