Thursday, November 18, 2010


My sweet husband's car broke down on Tuesday.

autumn ride 5x7 print

On his way to the temple.

After his call, I rescued him, and after the session, we arranged to have the unstartable vehicle towed to our humble little home. We were out of the temple around 9:30, we tinkered around with the car for another hour or so, and then the tow truck took a while to come. Needless to say, we got to bed later than expected. I'd had it. After a long day of ballet, work for 9 hours, and a temple session I was so done. Did not want to wait for a tow truck to pick up one of our cars. Why did our car randomly break down in the first place? On our way to the temple?! I did my best to bite my tounge, but I was so irritated as we were getting into bed. It wasn't just the car. It was stress about work, stress about the dishes in the sink, stress about traveling plans. And stress about our newfound problem: mystery breakdown car (that we've had for less than a year PS).

Two words for alyssa: anger. mangagement. issues.
That's actually three words. Get over it.

Anyway, as we were getting ready for bed, I mentioned to gid
something about how I was sorry we'd had such rotten luck,
and I hoped tomorrow would be a better day.

Gideon responded, "Are you kidding? We're lucky that my car didn't break
down while I was on the freeway!"Then he added some creative "worst case scenario" details.

"We're lucky my car didn't breakdown on the freeway in the middle of high speed trafic. With semis!" He concluded,  "We're so lucky I'm not in the ER because I got hit by a semi!"

All I could say was, "yep. We're lucky alright."

I guess it just depends on perspective.

Happy Thursday, friends.


  1. Thank goodness for husbands who remind us to think like this! Just like my scorpion in my shoe :P

  2. Ben does that to me all the time :) haha.


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