Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweet November.

I miss october alreay, I really do.
But there's nothing quite like november.

 October is the time that the colors are the most vibrant and brisk.
November is the month that slowly lulls the colors down into deeper
and deeper colors until they finally go to sleep for the rest of the year.

The leaves don't have the same crunch, but there is the most lovely smoky smell in november evenings. In october, I wear scarfs because I like to wear them. In november, I wear scarfs because I like to wear them, and because I need them. The wind becomes more alive, and the need for wool socks becomes urgent. Ah, wool socks. Don't you love this time of year, friends?

Don't you just love red noses, pink cheeks, and sweater boots?

And family
And fireplaces!
And the smell of snow!

Oh sweet november, I'm starting to warm up to you already.

Have a beautiful november day.

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