Friday, November 12, 2010


So I'm taking an institute class right now, and there's a girl in my class
who I quietly admire because she gives the most bizarrely adorable comments.

 She sort of seems like she's in her own little world.

I wish I could be in my own little world. My own little world would be awesome.
But for one reason or another, I find myself tied down to reality on most days that end in 'y'. Every now and then, I wish I could gather a thousand metaphysical helium filled balloons and float in the sky and dreamily look down at people buzzing around in their hectic lives.

But I can't. I am one of those buzzing maniacs.

In fact, I invented buzzing.
I'm practically the queen bee.

Wow. My analogy sure took off.
(pun intended)

Anyway, in class we were talking about blessings we receive daily, and our teacher asked (rhetorically) "How does that make you feel?" Without missing a beat, dreamy daisy says, "it makes me feel like dancing."
And she smiled.

Everyone looked at her. Some people smirked; some people mumbled things to their neighbor. And after a few closing statements, class was dismissed. For some reason I've been thinking about her answer alot. Some of you know this already, but if this is your first visit to my humble bloggy world, here's a heads up: I'm a dancer. I'm passionate about dance as an art form, and I love it; I love learning about dance, I love watching dancers, and I love to dance. 

How many times have you danced just because? I do it alot. And I'm not talkin' ballet or contemporary style. I'm talking grooovy dancing. Usually I'm by myself in my apartment or in the kitchen or maybe the living room. Or the bathroom. Ok, basically anywhere in the house. My point is, it's fun. And I actually have a second point. Dreamy daisy's funny comment opened my eyes to at least one lovely fact: this life is wonderful. It's oh so wonderful. And with the crazy amount of blessings that we receive daily, we should feel so happy we can dance; so happy we could fly. And we shouldn't need a thousand metaphysical helium filled balloons to do so.

Take a twirl or two, dear friends. Just for fun.
It's such a wonderful life.
So twirl.


  1. This post reminds me of when I was a little girl and would spin with my arms out in the living room forever! Time was nothing, it was just bliss.

  2. My favorite place to dance is in the bowling alley.

  3. Haha that's cute!! Yay for dancing, and yay for dreamy daisys!

  4. Love. (You, This, Dance, Dreamy Daisy, All of it.)


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