Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dance Log 13

So Gid and I spent the past several days in Las Vegas for a business conference he had for the Western Governors Association. Have I mentioned my husband has a real job and it confuses me? He's like, "Hey honey, I have a business conference in Vegas. Want to come?" And then I'm like, "What's a business conference?" 


{ guys get that my sniffles are from a runny nose and not  from monthy girlish emotions, right?}

I've been feeling under the weather, and I just can't seem to get over it. Don't you hate that? I hate having the sniffles for more than 72 hours. It just seems unfair. Especially if you're on 'vacation'. Anyway, in dance today I was really hoping to be just
because technically it's our last day of class, and I like to finish on a happy note.

(sniffle sniffle)

Let it be known that I have a difficult time containing the contents of my nose when it is running.

Especially when I'm on the "draining" phase of a cold.

Especially when I'm on the draining phase of a cold and I'm pirouetting.

Not pretty. Not pretty at all. I was focusing so much on sniffing in enough pressure to keep the runniness in, that my dancing just seemed to be off. Not horrible, just not great; and I wanted to be great today. Knowing that today was our last day made me a pouty. Not the cute kind of pouty. The whiny kind. Which is unattractive. Wow- lots of different tangents today. I must be in major need of beef. Anyway, I was feeling whiny, when my teacher announced that the final will be taken next Thursday. Now, since I'm auditing this class (which means I'm paying for it, but not taking it for a grade since I've already gotten a degree and two minors) I don't actually need to show up to the real last day of class. But I'm allowed to. When my teacher revealed this information at the end of class, I cheered up.

One more chance to be the best ballerina I can be. At least for now.

Happy Thursday Friends,

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