Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sounds of Music...

I'm not sure why, but I've been craving 
Julie Andrews lately.

 Goodness, she's sensational.

I think it's mainly because I've been having the soundtrack from 
"The Sound of Music" in my head nonstop.

For instance, "How do you solve a problem like Maria" was in my head almost all day on monday. 
(except naturally I had to replace 'maria' with alyssa) I couldn't seem to do anything right. 
It just seemed a very fitting song for the day.

Later in the week, when I was feeling rather gloomy, 
I found myself singing "My Favorite Things" in order to cheer myself up.

Then, while I was preparing a fabulous dinner, the soft while snow falling delicately out the window, I started singing my own variation of "Sixteen going on Seventeen" to get Gideon's attention.

I suppose my ways of flirting with my husband are odd.

As I was showering, I caught myself singing the famous song which starts, 
"Doe a dear, a female dear..."

And as I was trying to get myself to fall asleep last night, 
I found success only by humming the beautiful tune of "Edelweiss".

Oh, sweet Julie Andrews,

I truly hope you know how utterly fabulous you are. 


  1. Me too!!! I've been singing Sound of Music ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! I LOVE it! And I LOVE Julie Andrews! Sometimes I randomly find myself thinking about how amazing she is, and then I'll say to whoever is within earshot, "Isn't Julie Andrews simply AMAZING???" to which I usually get a roll of the eyes... I really do love Julie Andrews...she's the best. *sigh* =]

  2. I just watched her in "Relative Values" last weekend. She is so good at playing nobility, because she is just so naturally poised and gracious and elegant.

  3. this is weird! I just had a dream with her in it the other night! I was telling her that if i could sing like anyone then i would choose her. and it's true...


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