Saturday, December 31, 2011

a new year.

I have to admit: 2011 was rougher than anticipated. 

There were some truly fantastic experiences Gid and I were able to share, but in hindsight I'd have to say I'm glad to have a new year to look forward to.

I can't explain it, but I have the most delightful anticipation for the upcoming twelve months. I don't usually feel particularly excited, but this year I do. (odd- since a lot of people think this is a bad year, with the world ending and all...)

I got the most beautiful 2012 calendar from my parents for christmas. Don't you love looking at brand new calendars? I love looking at the pages of the future and wondering what will happen on those days.

Normally, I don't make new years resolutions; or if I do, they're half hearted cliched repeats of the last 15 years: 

"Go running."
"Eat less."
"Only drink water." 

They never last more than a few weeks. I'm actually quite proud of myself every time for making it as long as I do. I have a nasty adoration for eating often, drinking various sweet things and above all else: not running...)

Resolutions don't work, wouldn't you agree? It seems like an awfully good way to disappoint yourself during january. At least, that's how I've felt in the past.

This year is different. 

My mind is wild with exciting challenges to give myself; ways that I can become the best person I can possibly be. Looking in the mirror, something about myself even seems the tiniest bit different. More of a sparkle in my eye? (Probably not with the sleep I've been getting lately.) Maybe a little more determination? A hint of mischievousness? (Gid would say that's always been there...)

Perhaps its the excitement of setting the sparklers off tonight.

Perhaps its the anticipation of being kissed at 11:59:59 PM by a handsome man with green eyes.

Perhaps its the joy of being able to dance for yet another lovely 365 days.

Perhaps its the realization of just how unbelievably wonderful my life really really is.

Whatever the reason for my new year jitters, 
I'm just so happy for it to be January already.

Have a lovely new years dear friends,

flying high...

You may not have known, but my nephew is in training to be a rocket engineer. 

Sure he may seem a little young to be studying such science.

But he seems to enjoy it so much, we don't discourage it.

I must admit: being an aunt is SO much more fun than I anticipated.

And forgive me for the silly placing of baby gabe as a superhero in an illustration of new york city. 

I simply could not help myself.

A superhero day to you all,

Sunday, December 25, 2011

dear christmas 2011,

thank you for bringing us a white christmas. 
even though we're in texas.

thank you for bringing my sweet family together. 
including (perhaps especially) my sweet niece and nephew.

thank you for the unforgettable Christmas morning memories, full of pjs, giggles, and bad cases of bedhead.

(winner of best morning hair)

(grandma is singing a song. naomi is clapping along- and gabe seems a little confused...)

(gabe loves playing with anyone's toes. naomi does not like having her toes played with...)

thank you for giving me good reason to watch "Its a Wonderful Life". 
three times. 
so far. 

I cry every time, but thanks just the same.

thank you for another holiday season with my handsome sweet husband. 
can not believe its our third christmas as a married couple.

2011 Christmas- you're my favorite Christmas so far.

Be sure to have an extra thank you in your prayers tonight, friends. 
A lovely Christmas to you all.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

holiday love.

I shouldn't have been putting up twinkle lights. 
I should've been studying for an horrific kinesiology final. 

Yet there I was- meticulously inserting holly berries into any location that I thought would be cute, and putting twinkle lights everywhere I could think of.

Even from outside our tiny apartment looks so friendly.

Oh friends. There is nothing in the world like putting up Christmas decor to ella fitzgerald while you sip raspberry hot chocolate (with extra creamy whipped cream and carmel drizzled over it). 
Sidenote- I'm not planning on weighing myself tonight.

 I was able to wait till after Thanksgiving to listen to Christmas music. 
It's sort of a miracle.

Anyway, like I said. I should've been studying more than I have tonight. 

Somehow it didn't happen. 

 I suppose I got distracted.
(Goodness, he's handsome.)

 Happy beginning of the holidays, friends.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I know it's silly, but...

I'm really proud that after five days of moderate sunshine (though chilly temperature), our little snow man has endured. Even if it does look like he's doing the limbo. You know, all the other ones were gone after the first day. Not that I was keeping track. I really should be working on homework or something instead of comparing neighboring snowmen.

Have a lovely thursday.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

...we woke up to snow.

...and so we built a snow man. You guys- it was epic. Taller than gid (he's marking where the hat sat on the snowman). I ran inside to grab the camera, and when I came out, there was a sad pile of snow with a guilty looking husband standing over it. It's all for the best. We were a little worried it could've smashed some unmonitored toddler.

I can see it now on the front page of the newspaper:

Anyway, we rebuilt a more reasonable sized snowman. He's wearing a hat and an apron- a subtle message than men shouldn't feel like helping with household chores is inappropriate.

Building him reminded me of old calvin and hobbes cartoons- anyone else read those non-stop growing up?

1st box: calvin (to suzie)- what's wrong with your snowman?
suzie- it's a snow woman.

2nd box: calvin's mom- I don't care- 
we're not having an anatomically correct snowman in the front yard.

(Calvin's dad-"He know's I hate this")

calvin's dad: eggplant casserole tonight?
calvin's mom: why, yes!

If you haven't read calvin and hobbes, you need to.

I think he's very friendly, wouldn't you agree?

... and I have a cute husband.

Notice the little villagers at my feet? They were inspired by this cartoon:

When we were done we came into our warm home and made hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls while we listened to some jazz music with a subtle christmas hint...

life is good.

Have a happy saturday, friends.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

I happened to have a ton of homework due the day after halloween, so we didn't get around to carving pumpkins. (Don't worry- we're going to do it later this week. Better late than never, eh?) Anyway, long story short- I spent halloween studying for kinesiology while in a ladybug costume. We had an amazing amount of trick or treaters; I had to break out the christmas candy. And gid- gideon broke out his costume. (His costume being a shirt that is really just a shirt that says "costume" on it)

Even with all the studying and trick or treat answering, 
we managed to take a few pictures to remember this halloween with.

Won't be long till thanksgiving. And then Christmas.

(sigh) Oh, Christmas! 
It's coming, friends; I know it is. 
I'm trying really hard to not be one of those obnoxious people 
who listen to christmas music months before december, but the charlie brown christmas soundtrack has been calling my name with its jazzy melodious tune, and I've only so much strength.

Happy Day, friends.

ps- my neice was the perfect little owl. 
And yes, that is a mouse she's holding.

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