Monday, January 31, 2011


Extravadance is coming up soon, friends.

I know, to most of you, that means exactly nothing, but to me, it’s a little pinch of loneliness. Extravadance is the show that Gid and I used to perform in during our university days. There have been several shows since our graduation, but I still feel sentimental when I hear people mentioning it. Last weekend, Gid and I saw BYU’s Living Legends, and I experienced awful performance withdrawals. There’s something about going to a performance on stage with costumes, smoke, and professional lighting that makes me really want to get onstage. After the show, we went for ice cream with some of our buddies, and one of my friends described what I thought was a terrific performance as cheesy. (Insert Frowny Face)

It made me think a little about what made me enjoy the performance as opposed to her. And I think the answer is obvious: empathy. I’d experienced exactly what the BYU performers had experienced: the anticipation before the curtain opens, the thrill before running into a spotlight, the choking sensation when you take too deep a breath of foggy air, and the warmth that runs over you when the audience begins to applause. And when I watched the performers the other night, I could be excited for them with that understanding.

The last time I performed in Extravadance was March of 2009. I guess it hasn’t been that long, but it feels much much longer. I made a conscious effort my last season on the company to try to embrace every moment, because I knew it wouldn’t last forever, and I believe it is because of my effort to embrace each late rehearsal, each tech week, and each sweet moment on tour in Russia, that I had such an unforgettable experience my senior year. It’s been so fun to take the dance classes the past few months, but inevitably, I’ve got to face the fact that I’ll have to stop dancing eventually. So do me a favor, friends, would you? Don’t let me talk badly about my dance classes and experiences in the studio. There are so many more sweet moments for me to gush about than bitter ones. And when I look back on my memories, and all I have are journal (or blog), I hope the entries are full of sweetness.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s class.

Happy Monday, Friends.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

saturday in five photos...

I was cleaning. You know, since it's saturday. Then I ran into my camera, and it looked all sad, gathering dust in the corner. Ever since I started working at the clinic, I've had to turn down a lot of photography jobs, because I literally have no time. So I decided, since it's saturday, that I'd go ahead and pick it up, and see if I remember how to use it. So. Here's how I feel today in five photos.

Does anyone else think that my keyboard is disGUStingly dusty-- or is it just me?

Happy Saturday, friends.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dance Log 16

Gosh, it's been so good to dance the past few weeks! For those of you who don't know what I'm taking, let me tell you (ahem...). On Tuesdays and Thursdays I take a choreography and improvisation class called Rep that is FABulous. It's so fun to watch my classmates and the cool things they come up with. On Monday and Wednesday evenings I'm taking an advanced modern technique class. It's the bomb.

 THE bomb.

It's so fun. Hard to describe... it's like eating shaved ice for the first time after a very very long, cold winter. The sun is finally out, and you get to bite into the delicately soft, smooth, icy treat.

That's what my modern class is.

delicious, don't you think?

So the last assignment in my REP class was to create a choreography piece that took up all corners of the room and described several adjectives. Our teacher gave us a list, and there were some really interesting pieces that came from it. Something really important to me (especially right now) is developing the creative side of my brain. The only problem is that I feel like that side of me has been asleep for the last two years.

I'm like, "ok brain, time to get some kickin' choreography going!"

Then my brain is like, "...I'm sleeping, and not ready to wake up. Try again next week. Zzzzz....."

Then I'm like, "no, really brain- I need you to wake up, and give me something phenomenal."

Then my brain is like, "You know what sounds really good? Ice cream."

Then I'm like, "dang you."

And that's basically how it's been going with my creative side lately. I know I'm just a little out of practice; and soon enough it'll all kick in and I'll be back to creating interesting work. It's just hard being patient, you know? You know what though; I hardly have any time to be impatient because I'm spending all of my time being ecstatic that I get to wear leotards again. I know what you're all thinking: "If you're wearing leotards alot, maybe you should tell your inner brain to stop craving ice cream. And maybe you should compare things you love to snow cones that are 110% sugar." That's what you were thinking, wasn't it?  No? That was just me? Ok.

Happy Wednesday, Friends.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hi, friends.

Lately I've been a little down in the dumps, and not in the mood to write. It might have something to do with my work/school schedule, or me being stressed to the max over the events in the next following weeks, or maybe the fact that I'm back to missing my family like a crazy person, but I think a large contribution is the weather.

Normally I adore rainy, gloomy, dreary days, but the past few days I have been missing the sweet warmth of the sun on my skin more than I can bear. I used to almost get annoyed when people would say, "I wish the sun would come out and winter would be over," because to me, what they were really saying was, "Winter accessories are not adorable, and I hate warm soft socks and every form of boots." To me, that's just crazy talk. Who doesn't love a good pair of socks?!

Yet here I am: writing on my blog about how I want the sun to come out. And not just for one day either; I want it to come and stay. As I was driving home from work today, I passed some especially dead looking trees and while I waited for the light to turn green, I inwardly begged them to sprout some sort of blossom. Nothing. They just stayed dead looking and frail.

Then a bird pooped on my windshield and I got really ticked off. If I had the bebe gun my dad gave me when I was 12, that little bird wouldn't have a prayer.

Hmm. I sure sound like an oxymoron talking about how much I love happiness, sunshine and blossoms, and then giving an open threat to a sweet little bird. Anyway.

Just feeling a little gloomy today especially. Gloomy, tired, grouchy, and hungry. And when I'm hungry, the world just isn't a safe place. Last night for fhe, Gideon gave a lesson on faith, which couldn't have come at a better time.

There's been a subtle undertone of insecurity laced in my gloominess lately. Insecurity about my job, about the classes that I'm taking. About the prospect of graduate school, about the prospect of me being successful in anything I'm doing right now. Now, clearly I overreact. I'm a big overrreactor; we can agree on that I'm sure.

I just think on days when you are feeling extra down, there's nothing to bring you up like a great big kiss from the sun. Or from a handsome, sweet husband.

.... I guess a handsome sweet husband will do.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a matryoshka story...

So, this story is part dance, part funny, and part "alyssa". 

If you look up my name in the thesaurus, 
you'll find awkward in large bold letters right next to it.

Just a warning. 

Today was the first day in my modern technique class, right? It's always awkward going into a new class with people who you're not familiar with when everyone is wearing tight clothing and throwing themselves across a well lit room filled with mirrors. It's silly, but there's a sort of politics to a first day of class: you don't want to be too front and center, yet don't want to be too timid. You don't want to be too show-off-y, yet you want to make sure you're challenging and pushing yourself. Am I the only one who senses these silent rules? Well, anyway. As we were going across the floor, I noticed the girl in front of me had a tattoo peeking out from the back of her drapy shirt. It was the top of a little matryoshka doll, which made my heart leap, not because I'm a tattoo enthusiast (as I'm sure you know), but because (as I'm sure you know) I just love everything russian.

After we finished going across the floor, there was a silent moment, and I decided to take the opportunity to ask my new russian-loving friend about her "artwork".

With all my enthusiasm, I said "Is that a matryoshka doll on your back!?"

She looked at me blankly, and I, now stuttering and thinking maybe this wasn't the best question to start off with said, "The tattoo.... um, is that a matryoshka doll?" 

Her eyes lit with understanding, and then she replied, "Oh. That's Mother Mary."

My heart fell like a bowling ball right next to the fruit snacks in my stomach. But before I could say anything to pull myself out of the awkward hole I'd just leapt into, our instructor called a few technique pointers to our attention, and then told us to take it from the top. I only had a moment to try to say something to her; something, anything

So in a hasty rush of insecurity, I said the first thing that entered my head. Looking her directly in the eye, I said in an unmeaning-fully matter of fact way, "I'm Christian."
Then I nodded. Like an idiot. 

The bowling ball sunk a few inches lower than I thought possible. 
Wow, Alyssa. Wow.

How did I become so adept at awkwardness? I mean, I am Christian, I'm a proud Christian, but why did I have to bring that up after mistaking a tattoo of Mother Mary for a matryoshka doll?

When did I go from being a cute little girl with pink cowboy boots to this?!
I should get my masters degree in awkward studies. 
Actually, I should be the dean of the college of awkwardness. 
You get the picture.

Anyway, I'm lucky the girl just laughed it off; it could have been a truly offensive moment on the worst possible day to be offensive and awkward.

Wow. That's all friends. Thanks for being nice to me even though I say things like that.

Dance Log 15

(melodious noises.....)


Dance began this week again, friends. 

This semester I'm taking two courses: one is called Repertory Dance Theater; it's all about choreography and improvisation. Already in love with it- I love using the creative side of my brain. Tomorrow we have our first choreography assignment, and I've got some sa-weet moves up my sleeve.

My other class is a modern technique class. I can't contain my excitement about this class- it's got everything that I love. Only problem: it's only 50 minutes long! I'm not sure how I'm going to do it, but I'm going to make every second count in this class. Since today was the first class, we sat around and made introductions for over 1/2 of the class, and then finished with a few exercises and across the floor combinations. 

Oh heavens.

 It felt so good to dance. I know what you're thinking: "Alyssa, you took that ballet class just a few weeks ago!" 

That was ballet. 
This is modern. 
Big difference. 

It was such a release. Merciful heavens, I loved it so much! It made me long for my beloved dance alliance; made me miss the byu idaho dance department more than I have in a while, but goodness, I just loved it so much. My classmates seem pretty much really awesome and down to earth which makes me all the more excited to learn with them. So far- SO good, friends! Can't wait to tell you more.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Side Note...

Um. I'm trying not to burst with excitement or anything,
but I start my first dance class of this semester today.

Wish me luck!

wrong side of the bed...

Hi friends.

So. A few days ago, I was working late on my lap top in bed. I was on gideon's half of the bed, because there's an outlet nice and close to his side. Around 10, he crawled in, (on my side) and about 30 seconds later he started snoring. Adorable. I figured I would just wake him up when I was done and then we'd switch back to our respective spots (we've never switched spots before), but somewhere between me finishing with my laptop and waking up  the next morning, I realized that we never switched. I actually slept on his side. You would've thought that since he's always cuddling with me and giving me no room at all, I would have had a great night's sleep since I was on the side of the bed that never gets used. But no. Apparently, it doesn't matter what side my husband sleeps on, just so long as he is cuddling me to the edge of where I'm sleeping. Anyway, I was sorta grouchy the rest of that day, and sarcastically, Gideon said (without realizing the humor in his statement), "My, my my, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." I started laughing. Then he got it. Then he started laughing. It was funny.

I know it doesn't seem that funny to you, friends, but I missed you, and thought it was funny.

The end.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

dancers among us.

As I was browsing through a few of my favorite blogs, I found an incredible photography gallery of professional dancers who are doing exquisite movement in everyday life. I fell in love immediately. (Thank you Melissa!)

Aren't you stunned? Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?!

I thought it would be good to share the love, friends. 


ps- Dance Log starts up again on tuesday. Can't wait.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a cocoa story...

One upon a time there was a girl who worked in a little office.
One particularly grouchy day, 
she decided that she needed a pick-me-up. 

So she made herself a little cup of cocoa in a darling little cup.

And when she was done...

She was very pleased to discover 
that she wasn't grouchy anymore.

The end.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

had a ball.

So. It's that time.

That time of year when the legislative session is just about to begin. The time of year when Gid has to look extra professional at work, and the politicians are buzzing around like little bees doing their little political buzzes. This last weekend Gid and I were able to take part in the events honoring Governor Otter and his re-election. Woot. And super lucky bonus: we got into all of the events for free!

So there was a concert by Jo Dee Mesina. I didn't think I knew who she was, (since I don't think of myself as very much of a country music fan) but then it turned out I knew most of her songs. Huh. It was actually super fun, and it turns out that Jo Dee is sort of really awesome and down to earth. Our tickets were in the VIP lounge (um--- that was a first) and we had a great view. It was gid's first concert, and he had such a stellar time, which was the most fun thing for me to watch. I've been able to meet Governor Otter a few times, but he surprised me at the concert by giving me a big hug and slapping my back with a ginormous smile. That guy has more personality than any other politician I know. And I mean that in the best way possible. Who would have thought when Gid and I moved to Boise that within a year we'd be rubbing shoulders with the Governor at a concert? Who knew?!

ANy-way, it was the events after the concert that were really snazzy. We were able to go to the inaugural ball, which was super fancy and glitzy. It was in the capitol building, and was full of glittering gowns, live music with dancing, and flowers everywhere. And the food!! Oh, the food! I spent more time snacking than I'm really comfortable admitting, but it was really tasty. Naturally, Gideon and I had to dance at least a few times, and we had a spectacular time. After the inaugural ball, there was another event; like the after-ball party. It was equally glitzy, but had more food (can I hear a hallelujah?) more dancing, and more people from gid's work which was fun.

The night's events made me think of last year when Gideon first started working in the capitol and we were invited to the Governor's ball (which is like a less intense version of the inaugural ball). I wore a little black dress and gid looked dashing in one of his suits. We spent most of the night volunteering in anyway that we could; giving people their name tags, or taking people's coats. You know- that sort of stuff.

This year, we were like real attendees. It's a little bizarre. I feel like we're just babies pretending to be grown ups with real jobs, but then when I look at gid, I realize- he is the real deal. It's crazy. I'm still a crazy immature kid, but he's all grown up, and I'm so proud of him. I'm proud that he's doing so well right now, but I'm especially proud of the type of guy he is.

Before Gideon got his internship that turned into a job, that turned into another job, he sold board games at a kiosk in the mall for a few months. It wasn't glamorous, and the pay and hours weren't great, but he did it enthusiastically and gratefully. And now he has a job with black tie events. It's bizarre, right? I'm so grateful for a husband who is willing to do whatever it takes to be such a good support.

And then there's me working at the chiropractic clinic. The most exciting thing that's happened since I've worked there (for almost a year) is that we got new phones. I'm not gonna lie- the phones are kind of amazing. I have my personal ring set as the ring of the phones on "24". I get all excited anytime anyone calls my line. My job may not have events where I need a ball gown (...yet), but I'm so completely grateful for it. I have a great boss, co-workers who I more than get along with, and financial stability that can be uncommon in the economy. I don't know how we ended up so stinking lucky here, but I'm so grateful for everything.

Anyway, I didn't mean for this post to turn into something extravagant or overdone. Just wanted to send a little message out into the great abyss of the internet saying that I'm so blessed. And so grateful. And that is all.

Night, friends.

ps- what do you guys think of the new header at the top of the blog?
I created a combination of the two that I liked the most, but I'm starting to think about changing it again.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Some help friends?

Hi friends, I've been wanting to change some things around here. Some of you have noticed that I changed the domain name of the blog from

I apologize if I lost anyone in the switch; I feel like I owe everyone an explanation. It's actually very silly. I was experimenting with different domain names, and when I tried to change it back- couldn't! Whoops! It's ok though, "" was taken, so I decided to take it up a notch to the VERY happy pear. Anyway, I've been thinking about changing my header- the big picture on top of the page, and I was hoping for some helpful opinions. I just threw these together during my lunch break at work, so they're nothing super special; it's just I've been achin' for a change with the new year and everything. Please please tell me what you think. (You can click on them to see them bigger)

Choice 1: Simplistic
Like the little pear tree? Get it?

Choice 2: A punch of Color!

Choice 3: Less Color; More Vintage-y-ish

Choice 4: One Picture 

(taken by the amazing kylie&spencer team. 
CANNOT get enough of them. Most of our awesome
pictures were taken by them during this shoot.)

K- now quick! Send me some opinions, like it or hate it!

Have a wonderful weekend bloggie buddies!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweet January,

I'm in an oddly grateful mood today. The weird thing about that, is that technically it's been a sorta rotten day. I had an awful nights sleep, then I overslept, then I had no time to get ready so I look like a swamp witch today, my car was frozen and hardly would start this morning, and I'm already sick of work. Sounds rotten, right? So why am I in such a good mood?

 Well, I've been thinking about it, and this is my conclusion:

I had an awful nights sleep because my husband was extra cuddly, and I think that pro outweighs the negative of sleeping in and looking scary. My car was frozen, yes, but guess who had the windows scraped neatly for me when I flew out of the apartment, running late for work? You guessed it. I'm sick of work, because I've gotten snapped at by grouchy patients, but my co-workers and boss defend and support me which is worth all the paychecks in the world to me.  I'm ready to be home snuggled on the couch, eating popcorn and watching something that rhymes with "za ziggest zozer". It's a cheesy tradition of ours. We eat popcorn (or sometimes ice cream) and laugh and cry (well, I cry while gideon still laughs) with the reality show that changes people's lives.


I can see how that may look pathetic to read, but accepting that you are pathetic is probably the first step in becoming... not pathetic.

Anyway, it's not pathetic if you do it with the person you love, right? Right.
Just so many pros than cons, don't you think?

That is all, treasured readers.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear 2011,

Although you've been here 3 days, we haven't formally met.

You'll learn that I'm good at ignoring things that I feel I'm not prepared for. Like a new year for instance. I'm actually really excited for you, 2011. 2010 was lovely to me, but I feel I'm ready for a fresh start. Everyday is a new start I suppose, but for one reason or another a new year feels more official, don't you think? I'm glad we agree. I know you probably get this alot, and probably get irritated with it, but I just wanted to give you a small wish list. Don't worry, I know you're not santa, and I don't expect anything, but I'm hoping for these things during your 365 day visit.

1.traveling adventures



2. Picture Taking.
(I've gotten so caught up with work that my photography has practically gone out the window.)

3. More Dancing
(Maybe not ballet, but I loved this picture.)

4. lovely moments.

5. Appreciation

There's a lot more, but I'll keep the rest a secret. Thanks 2011! I'm excited to become acquainted with you.


dear 2010,

I'm sorry my letter is a little late, you rushed away so quickly! I just wanted to thank you for some wonderful wonderful memories. In your february, my sweet husband and I celebrated our first valentines day as a married couple. In your march I was blessed with a wonderful new job that has turned out to be such a blossoming blessing. In your april, Gideon got his promotion and has been blessed with countless incredible experiences through his job. In your june I had my first nervous breakdown as a married girl. In your september my husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary. In your november my sweet nephew was born, and in your december I once again shared priceless time with my family.

2010, you were so good to me, and I thank you endlessly for your blessings, your trials and your sweet lessons.

Sincerely with love, 
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