Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dance Log 16

Gosh, it's been so good to dance the past few weeks! For those of you who don't know what I'm taking, let me tell you (ahem...). On Tuesdays and Thursdays I take a choreography and improvisation class called Rep that is FABulous. It's so fun to watch my classmates and the cool things they come up with. On Monday and Wednesday evenings I'm taking an advanced modern technique class. It's the bomb.

 THE bomb.

It's so fun. Hard to describe... it's like eating shaved ice for the first time after a very very long, cold winter. The sun is finally out, and you get to bite into the delicately soft, smooth, icy treat.

That's what my modern class is.

delicious, don't you think?

So the last assignment in my REP class was to create a choreography piece that took up all corners of the room and described several adjectives. Our teacher gave us a list, and there were some really interesting pieces that came from it. Something really important to me (especially right now) is developing the creative side of my brain. The only problem is that I feel like that side of me has been asleep for the last two years.

I'm like, "ok brain, time to get some kickin' choreography going!"

Then my brain is like, "...I'm sleeping, and not ready to wake up. Try again next week. Zzzzz....."

Then I'm like, "no, really brain- I need you to wake up, and give me something phenomenal."

Then my brain is like, "You know what sounds really good? Ice cream."

Then I'm like, "dang you."

And that's basically how it's been going with my creative side lately. I know I'm just a little out of practice; and soon enough it'll all kick in and I'll be back to creating interesting work. It's just hard being patient, you know? You know what though; I hardly have any time to be impatient because I'm spending all of my time being ecstatic that I get to wear leotards again. I know what you're all thinking: "If you're wearing leotards alot, maybe you should tell your inner brain to stop craving ice cream. And maybe you should compare things you love to snow cones that are 110% sugar." That's what you were thinking, wasn't it?  No? That was just me? Ok.

Happy Wednesday, Friends.


  1. mmmmmm i REALLY want some shaved ice right now

  2. I think when you ARE wearing leotards that often you are way more justified and allowed to eat ice cream!! I know how you feel about being creatively asleep... I am considering if I don't get into grad school for school counseling... then I will apply for dance grad school! who knows....


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