Monday, January 3, 2011

dear 2010,

I'm sorry my letter is a little late, you rushed away so quickly! I just wanted to thank you for some wonderful wonderful memories. In your february, my sweet husband and I celebrated our first valentines day as a married couple. In your march I was blessed with a wonderful new job that has turned out to be such a blossoming blessing. In your april, Gideon got his promotion and has been blessed with countless incredible experiences through his job. In your june I had my first nervous breakdown as a married girl. In your september my husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary. In your november my sweet nephew was born, and in your december I once again shared priceless time with my family.

2010, you were so good to me, and I thank you endlessly for your blessings, your trials and your sweet lessons.

Sincerely with love, 

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