Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweet January,

I'm in an oddly grateful mood today. The weird thing about that, is that technically it's been a sorta rotten day. I had an awful nights sleep, then I overslept, then I had no time to get ready so I look like a swamp witch today, my car was frozen and hardly would start this morning, and I'm already sick of work. Sounds rotten, right? So why am I in such a good mood?

 Well, I've been thinking about it, and this is my conclusion:

I had an awful nights sleep because my husband was extra cuddly, and I think that pro outweighs the negative of sleeping in and looking scary. My car was frozen, yes, but guess who had the windows scraped neatly for me when I flew out of the apartment, running late for work? You guessed it. I'm sick of work, because I've gotten snapped at by grouchy patients, but my co-workers and boss defend and support me which is worth all the paychecks in the world to me.  I'm ready to be home snuggled on the couch, eating popcorn and watching something that rhymes with "za ziggest zozer". It's a cheesy tradition of ours. We eat popcorn (or sometimes ice cream) and laugh and cry (well, I cry while gideon still laughs) with the reality show that changes people's lives.


I can see how that may look pathetic to read, but accepting that you are pathetic is probably the first step in becoming... not pathetic.

Anyway, it's not pathetic if you do it with the person you love, right? Right.
Just so many pros than cons, don't you think?

That is all, treasured readers.


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