Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hello friends. Some of you know that I'm a photographer. Well, at least I got a degree in photography. Since getting married, my photo shoot outings have really slowed down; it's been hard since I work during the hours of day that hold light... Anyway, just as I started to feel a little down about photography, I discovered a fantastic show about professional photographers and their personal techniques. It's a free online program going on right now, and I just had to share. I always have people asking me things about photography, and I wouldn't even consider myself a real professional. This is a rare opportunity for anyone to get insight into the professional photography world without investing any money or intense amounts of time. The first episode of [framed] highlighted professional photographer Mitch Meyer, and in my opinion was phenomenal. It's less than 15 minutes, so if you're interested even remotely in photography, I suggest you go check it out immediately.

Have a lovely day, friends!

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