Monday, February 14, 2011


 So, I know that all babies are beautiful,
and each brings a kind of magic to the world indescribable to human lips.

I've seen some truly gorgeous baby girls in the past few months,
but I've never been so in love with a little lady as much as I've fallen for my new little niece, Naomi.

I don't think my beautiful sister (or her handsome husband)
have ever looked as lovely or happy as when their arms were full of this little girly girl.

...and I get to dress her up in pink and have photoshoots.

 It really is such a wonderful life.

I know I already put this one up, but I love it so much, that you get to see it again!

Happy Valentines Day, friends.


  1. Seriously beautiful baby girl! Girls are so much fun! I cant get over how much I love her name too. You're going to be a wonderful aunt to that precious baby.

  2. Awesome -- in the real sense -- inspiring awe. What a happy, blessed family you all are! Enjoy!

  3. Wow! The one with three generations almost made me cry! These are so beautiful!! Love you Alyssa!


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