Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet February,

Welcome February.
 I'm glad you're here.

Within your days, I plan to bake heart shaped cookies, make mittens with felt hearts sewn onto them, and buy a boquet of flowers at least once. I plan to wear red & pink at least 4 times a week, and hope to adorn my head with cute valentinesy accessories like these. Within your days I get to attend gymnastics meets and watch gymnasts compete while I eat chocolate and popcorn. Maybe even nachos if I'm feelin' daring. Within your days, the earth slowly starts to wake up from the deep deep sleep it's been in for the past several months. I'm really hoping that I get to see the earth produce some green this month, february. That is, if I remember what the color green looks like. It feels like an eternity since I last saw a real, live blossum.
Welcome February!  Welcome Welcome Welcome!



  1. I love you. I miss you! This is all.

  2. I love February! It definitely has a different feel to it (kinda like Christmas in December). I can't wait to start doing pinks, reds, and xoxo's stuff this month too!

  3. i made valentinesy accessories like these, check out my shop at www.meggieslove.etsy.com!


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