Wednesday, March 30, 2011 what?

Thank you for your support with this dream of mine, friends. I've had so many sweet phone calls, texts, facebook messages and emails from friends and family. I've been interested in this specific MFA Modern Dance Program for years now, and I could not be more excited.

I jokingly tell my friends that I feel like I've just gotten engaged; but it's true. When my sweet husband asked me if I would be his forever and put the beautiful ring on my finger two years ago, I was so excited. My insides fluttered the next several weeks. But after a while, the seriousness of it settled in. I realized what was actually happening. I had a wedding to plan. I had lists to make, a dress to find, a date to pick, an apartment to find... the list went on and on.

This situation now, is a little less intense. At least I don't have to buy an expensive white fluffy outfit (unless I want to...). But I do have to make some big changes. The other day my boss put in an ad for a replacement for me and a little part of my heart frowned. This job has been one of the biggest blessings since we've lived in Boise. I found it on a whim, and was hired over 20 other qualified applicants. I've never had such great employers, and I love the massage therapists I work with. I feel pretty confident that I won't find a job as good in salt lake (if I even have time for a job), so I'll just have to really appreciate the next few weeks of work.

Finding an apartment has been such a struggle! I feel like I'll either just have to wait until the last minute or pay out the wazoo for a complex. Anyone who has any tips on places to live (the closer the the University of Utah stadium, the better) in Salt Lake, I would so greatly appreciate any suggestions. I'm still so giddy about my acceptance letter; I don't think it's set in that I have to move. Boise has been so good to us, and I've just figured out how to get around without getting lost.

Salt Lake is huge and scares me. But I have friends and family who live there, and I'm determined to be optimistic. This is such an exciting time for me, and I want to just drink it all up. Again- any suggestions having anything to do with moving, salt lake, or moving to salt lake would be happily happily received.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

confession time.

Happy Weekend, Friends!

Ok. Confession time. I have a few secrets to let you all in on. 

Confession #1: 
One of the reasons I've been taking dance classes at BSU is because I've been preparing for an audition.

Confession #2: 
I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want to add too much pressure on myself. There's nothing like having to tell all of your friends and family when you've been rejected. (Frowny Face.) 
I wanted to avoid that situation if at all possible.

Confession #3:
I auditioned for the Graduate Modern Dance Program at the University of Utah on March 11th.

Confession #4:
 I got my letter in the mail 10 days later. 
{Gid woke me up at 7:30 in the morning to tell me the news, and I ran out to the mailbox (half asleep and in my pajamas), grabbed the letter stared at it for about 3 minutes. After letting my heart calm down a little, I opened it (as gideon video taped me like a proud grandfather).}

Confession #5: 
I was accepted. 
{Exclamation Mark.}

Confession #6: 
That's not all. 
{Exclamation Mark. Exclamation Mark.}

Confession #7: 
I was selected to receive a full scholarship for the Integrated Movement Studies Program. 
{Exclamation Mark. Exclamation Mark. Exclamation Mark.}

Confession #8: 
That means I start my studies in Salt Lake City in June. 
{You read that right. June. As in 12 weeks from NOW.}

Confession #9: 
I cried just a teensy bit when I opened the letter; I'm so excited I can hardly breathe.

So there it is, friends! Our lives are taking an entirely different turn and we can hardly wait. Gid and I are going to miss our boise family that we've developed over the past 2 years, but we look forward to starting this new season of excitement soon.

Confession #10:
 I have the best husband in the world, and I love him more than anything.
{But that's not really a confession as much as a statement.}

At first I really didn't want Gid to video my opening of the letter, but I'm really happy that we can share it with close friends and especially family (especially you, mom). I'd like to put in a formal disclaimer that I literally had just woken up (you can tell which side of my head I was sleeping on) and made no effort whatsoever to get ready because the only thing in the world I was interested in at this moment was the contents of this letter.

Enjoy, friends.

ps- isn't it sweet how excited gideon is? 
I know it sounds like he's more excited than me, but we're actually equally excited. 
He was just more awake than I was.


Thursday, March 24, 2011


I think there come pivitol moments in everyones life where you take a look.

A look at exactly where you are standing
(or perhaps, if you are at your computer, sitting).

A look at where you are,
where you've been,
 and where you've found you're going,
and all of a sudden, you think to yourself,

"of course."

And all of a sudden as if it were magic, just for a moment, everything makes sense.
And you realize you'd do everything exactly the same
to find yourself in the exact place you are
 right now.

All the heartbreak, the frustration, the ups and downs brought you to where you stand at this very moment. And because it's so clear that this path was better than anything you could have imagined, you vow to never question the Master, and His plan for you again.

But, if you're at all human, you probably will.
And so the process begins again.

Do ye exercise faith in the redemption of him who created you?
-Alma 5:15

Happy Thursday, Friends.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

just a little love...

I got some good news the other day, 
and my awesome massage therapist bought some cupcakes to work to celebrate.

What a sweet life it is.

Enjoy today, friends. I know I will.

Giveaway Winner!

Heya friends! It took me forever, but I finally got back around to this giveaway. After using the random number generator, it looks like little miss lindsay was our winner! Lindsay is recently engaged, so it looks like there are multiple congratulations in order. 

Sweet Lindsay, email me so I can send you the giveaway details, beautiful lady! {}
(numbers represent the comment order)

Have a lovely day, friends!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dance Log 18

I apologize (again) for my lack of keeping up to date. I have a few close friends who have actually expressed concern of my lack of activity. Don't worry, I've just been super busy lately. What am I busy with? You guessed it: dancing. I'm only taking two classes a week right now and I feel like I have too much to do. How did I ever take 7 hours of dancing in one day?! Of course, I also have a full time job and am supposed to do grocery shopping and on occasion make something to eat for my sweet husband and myself.... I guess.

Right now I'm in the middle of a choreography project for a show that's coming up in a few months! This week I have to have 1/2 of my piece ready to show, and I'm in a rush to get it done. It's been over two years since I've performed anything on stage and I'm so excited about it, friends! There's a chance that this could be my last dance performance ever which brings the corners of my mouth unattractively low, but I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of the production. Especially after watching the most recent Extravadance which was nothing short of phenomenal. Seriously. Such a great show. I'm thinking about buying the dvd, and I've never done that for a show that I'm not in (which is really saying something since I'm a really stingy person when it comes to paying for stuff).

For our upcoming show, I've been able to choreograph a dance of my own, and I've been invited to dance in the works of three other pieces (which I'm really excited about as well). Can't wait for it. I have marley burns all over my feet and I just love them so much. If you're in the boise area, I'd love to give you information on the show so you can come watch some truly beautiful pieces.

Have a lovely Tuesday, friends.

Dear Spring,

You have got to get here! Technically your first day was sunday, but for the past several weeks we've been allowing your wintery sister to overstay her welcome.

Last week there were snowflakes the size of my head; MY HEAD, Spring!

What is taking so long? I imagine you're very busy collecting all of the blossoms, sun rays and gentle showers you plan to bring to us. I hope the blossoms are the size of those snowflakes. I really hope so, spring. I'm so excited to wear my personal spring line- full of lace, light fabrics and lots and lots of frills. Take your time, but know that I'm waiting anxiously for your arrival.

Can't wait to see you.


Monday, March 14, 2011

best. weekend. ever.

what a crazy few days, friends.

+ drive from boise down to salt lake. Arrive late. Can't sleep.

+Did a little dancing. 
+Saw some old friends. 
+Get to see cute jamie. 
+Get to have Sistertime. 
+Cuddle my adorable niece.

+Introduce gideon to Ikea. 
+Ate their Swedish meatballs. 
+Drive up to pocatello. 
+See my yackie. Crazy about that girl. 
+Drove up to rexburg idaho. 
+It's still blowing my mind. 
+Such a great show. 
+Highlight of my weekend. 
+Gid and I went for pizza after the show and talked and talked about all of the things we loved about the show. 
+I was reminded of how lucky I am to have my guy.

+Wake up at 5:30 in the morning. 
+Drive from rexburg to salmon idaho. 
+See my brother in law give his homecoming talk. 
+Spend some time with my family. 
+Play, play and play some more with my adorable nieces and nephews.

+Woke up. 
+Drove back to boise. 
+Came home. 

good weekend.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dearest March,

I apologize for not recognizing your presence sooner. It's been a crazy few days, and I've been meaning to give you a little more attention. I actually don't even have enough time to write a decent post for you, since I'm exhausted and it's time for bed. I just wanted to say, "hi" and "welcome" and "you stress me out", and "please bring the sun back to me".

warmest regards


ps- happy st. patricks day.

giveaway #1

Exciting news, friends! I have my first official giveaway! CSNstores is giving away a 15$ gift code towards anything you want on their site! That means anything from home appliances, jewelry, even furniture items like this wood swing set that would be super fun for kids

Look around at CSNstores and decide what you would want to put your 15$ towards!

What would I get?

You guys know I'm a photography geek, but I'm crazy about this photo-strip framing device! It's under $15 too, so you could totally have it for free if you win the giveaway! 

I'm kinda new at this whole giveaway deal, but I'm going to randomly choose a winner by the end of next week! (March  12th Deadline)

Enter the giveaway by:
+Being a follower of my blog.
+Leaving a comment telling me what you'd be interested in!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dance Log 17

The other day, as I was going through my ballet stuff, I glanced at my pink tights and slippers.

I love ballet and all. But goodness.
How I love modern dance.

I know what you're thinking: "that's all?!"

yup. it is.

Happy Thursday, Friends.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Him & Me While In D.C.

Hi, friends! It's been a while, I've been inactive on my blog again. Thanks for still reading. The past few days, Gid and I have been in Washington D.C. It was my first visit to our nation's capitol, and we had such a wonderful experience. I think Gideon fits right in, don't you? Yeah. He does. 

I know I talk alot about other countries, and how traveling and culture is one of the things I'm most passionate about. I do love to travel. 
And I love learning about and embracing other countries' traditions and histories.

But there's nothing quite like the United States of America.

(can you feel the patriotism?)

 Here's a bit of a break down of our east coast adventure:

- rides on the metro: 10
- milkshakes consumed: 4 (two each...)

- national monuments visited: 8
(Washington, WWII memorial, Lincoln, Jefferson, FDR, Capitol, White House, Arlington Cemetery)
-Miles of running through the pouring rain: 1
-wishes made on wishing tree: at least 6

-pictures taken 233
-museums visited: 5
(smithsonian american history, smithsonian headquarters, botanical gardens, holocaust memorial, sculpture gardens)
-WGA Meetings Attended: 3
-crappy souvenir shops visited: at least 4
-t shirts/sweatshirts purchased: 3
-visits to the HardRock Cafe: 1

-kisses: ...lost track.

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty phenomenal weekend.

Happy Thursday, Friends.

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