Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dance Log 19

So tired, friends. 

Fact: when I'm not in the office, I'm in the dance studio. 

I've had late night rehearsals for the past several weeks, and it's just starting to really get to me. I shouldn't complain right? I mean, compared to a graduate program, this literally is nothing. But I'm so tired. Today and Thursday are our final presentations for our choreography assignment which is what we'll be performing in the showcase next week. I'm super excited; the last time I performed onstage was Russia (not including the time Gideon proposed to me while onstage). I'm pretty sure my piece is going to be the weirdest one in the whole show. I guess wierdness is in the eye of the beholder, but if the piece goes as well as it does in my head it'll be the most beautiful wierd you've ever seen. 

Actually, now that I think of it, my piece might be average as far as weirdness goes. 

It will be a very interesting show; a lot of variety. I can't wait. There's nothing like the moment just before you leave backstage and enter the spotlight. This show won't have as many people as the other shows I've been able to experience. There won't be a full auditorium and a complete set of performance equipment and lights. There aren't any extravagant costumes. There won't even be a real curtain. But I can't wait. And that excitement only confirms my confidence that entering into a graduate program is the right decision for me. 

I've had second thoughts several times; but then again, they're not second thoughts as much as fear speaking through rationalizations. I keep thinking about the most trivial things: my arches aren't pretty enough, I'm not experienced enough, I'm not thin enough (which ps easter did not help with. Is it possible to have a hangover from jelly beans chocolate eggs and peeps?). The list goes on and on. But the fact is, it's my choice to do this. I've been given the opportunity, and I can't let it slip through my fingers regardless of how many easter colored candies I've eaten in the past 42 hours. I'm doing it. And I can't wait.

So. Back to the show. We were going to call it, "Wild Women", or "Hussy It Up", (not because there's any promiscuity, but because dancers have a strange sense of humor), but in the end we've decided to title our show "Tactile Sensations". It will be held in the Peterson Theater in the Morrison Center on BSU's campus. We're having our dress rehearsal on the 5th of May, and our shows are going to be on the 6th and 7th which are a Friday and Saturday. Saturday has a matinee. For those of you who are interested, feel free to message me, or call. I do want to be sure to emphasize that this isn't a professional performance; it's very much just a showcase of our class. But if anyone is interested, we'd absolutely love to have you.

Happy Tuesday,


  1. I wish I could come watch! Everything you do is beautiful! Good luck!

  2. What time are the evening performances?

  3. May 6th and 7th there are 7:30 performances, erin. If you look on my facebook wall I've been tagged in the poster advertisement. Can't WAIT to see you this weekend finally, lovely!

  4. I'll put it on our calendar! hopefully we can make it for one of the performances. I am also looking forward to seeing you!

  5. Oh I wish I could come:( But soon you'll be close and then I can come see your performances, Woot! Break a leg and good luck and all that stuff!


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