Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dear April,

So relieved that you are here.

 When I was getting ready for my audition, I would just think to myself, "Soon, April will be here, and I will not have to be worried about my audition." Then, after my audition, I thought, "Soon April will be here and I will know whether I've been accepted or not." Now april, you're finally here. My audition is over, I have my acceptance letter, and you, in all your sunny glory, are here at long last. I hope to fill your days with eating fruit while wearing sunglasses. I look forward to putting my winter clothes into the beginning stages of hibernation by packing them away. I look forward to flip flops and maybe even a pedicure (a farewell to pretty toes since I'll begin my dancing in june and my feet will be atrocious in no time). I look forward to photoshoots. I  look forward to your showers, and wearing my rainboots in them. More than anything, I look forward to enjoying this lovely city of trees for the next short weeks I have left. Thank you for the blossoms. Thank you for the wonderful conference we enjoyed. 

April, this month you are my absolute favorite.


1 comment:

  1. I'd like to apologize on behalf of the city of Boise for the lack of warm weather... it usually isn't like this. However, I still love it here. Break out the rain boots!


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