Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dance Log 20

This is ever so belated friends, but I knew some of you would be interested in our final showcase for the Repertory Choreography class this last semester. I hoped to have more dances available to watch, but unfortunately our little digital camera ran out of battery. Tactile Sensations was a pretty fun little production to be apart of.

What talented dancers and choreographers! 
(Especially for a university that only offers a dance minor.)

I was able to be in 5 of the 13 numbers in our show which was super fun. I was really sweaty and tired. I wish I could post all of the dances, because they were all very interesting and unique, but some of the only ones Gideon was able to completely tape were the following. I hope you enjoy them, friends.

Into the Kiln
Dancers: Kelly Saunders, Colette Miller, Alyssa Tolman

I really loved choreographing this piece. Both of these clips were dress rehearsal, so the lighting is pretty off and some of the dancing and sound isn't exactly what it should be, but I'm still proud to call it my own. These dancers are serious rockstars.

Never Again (Solo)

I feel really really lucky that I was able to do a solo piece during the show. As mentioned before this was dress rehearsal, so lets pretend I don't stumble around about halfway through the dance, ok? Thanks. I fell in love with this music earlier in the semester and tried to create movement that reflected my interpretation of it. Very very grateful for the opportunity to perform this one.

Isn't it crazy that the semester is over? Furthermore, isn't it crazy that summer is practically here? (Although, it was strange to go from sunny texas to flying over snow covered mountains in idaho...) FurtherMOST, isn't it super crazy that I'm weeks away from moving to Salt Lake and starting in on a Masters program that up till March 22 was only a dream of mine? (No, literally, I had dreams about the program that convinced me to actually audition again.) Isn't it crazy? Cue crazy music. Today I got an email giving me instructions on how to register for my first semester of GRADUATE school. I guess that means I really got in; it wasn't just some freak mistake that they sent me an acceptance letter.

It's mad, mad I say! 
(I said that with a Harry Potter British accent. Not just british. Harry Potter British. There's a difference.)

Thats all for today friends. Happy Dancing!

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  1. Dear Alyssa,
    You are such a beautiful dancer, and your choreography is simply brilliant! Thanks for sharing! =D


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