Thursday, May 26, 2011

old and new...

I bought these sweet old things at an outlet mall about 3 years ago.

 They were such dear flip flops to me. They've been with me to college, to Texas, California, Canada, Oregon, Hawaii, Russia, and everywhere in between. Have you ever gotten so emotionally close to an article of clothing or even a pair of (sniffle) shoes, that seeing them get old makes the corners your mouth turn down uncontrollably? Why do things that I love have to get old?? These little slip ons began to thin about a year ago, but over the past few weeks they've torn enough that you can see right through them almost.

It's time.

I ordered these from a factory site that was ultra ultra clearance.  

I think they're adorable. And I can't wait to bond with them and make new memories until you can't even see where they're from like my old ones. 

Happy Day.

ps- Thanks, bike. For not getting old yet.

Have a Lovely Thursday Friends,


  1. Oooo! They're really cute too!...Yeah, been there/done that! More than once too! Too many times to mention, in fact. ^_^

  2. Those new flip flops are absolutely adorable! It is a must that we go get snow cones this summer and you should definitely wear those so I can see them in real life.

  3. Oh, I remember that sweet bike! :)


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