Sunday, June 26, 2011

dear little orchid.

Thank you for cheering me up this month. 

Thank you for not dying even though I've watered you about three times in the three months that I've had you, and I stupidly put you right by the crock pot that I use every day. 

I can't believe you're still alive and cheerful. 

You're the nicest orchid I ever met. 
(Thanks, Carly.)

chinese date night.

Last night gid and I ordered chinese, and watched a really old jackie chan movie. 


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

love that crazy family of mine.

This morning I went through some old pictures that I took while we were in Texas last month. We have two new babies in the family (the first of the grandchildren) and this was the first time we were all together including the little ones, so, amid the wedding craziness, we managed to get a few snaps in. I've been missing them so much I couldn't help it; I had to post some love.

The following photoshoot was the first time little Naomi and Gabriel were together. 
Allow me to narrate the pictures for you. I'm about 60% sure that this is exactly what these cuties were thinking.
Naomi- What is that thing you're pointing at me?
Gabe- I think I'm going to eat it...

Gabe- Hey, chick. Wanna move out of the way? We're trying to do a shoot here!

Naomi- Hey pal, do me a favor and don't touch me.

Gabe- Did you guys hear her? Who does she think she is?!

Sweet Naomi is always happy when Melody or Andy are holding her. Isn't she a lovely little baby?

Mr. Gabe is pretty good at entertaining himself. He was all about playing with his feet when we had this photoshoot. I've never met such a sweet happy baby.

Four generations of lovely ladies.

And four generations on my brother Sam's side.

Note the pure joy on Gabe's face.

And I have the prettiest sister ever.

I love my family so friggin' much. And this isn't even all of them.
They may not be perfect. But they're all mine.

Miss them. Miss them. Miss them.
That's all.

Have a wonderful wednesday, friends.
ps- check out this video of cute Gabe sitting. It made me laugh so hard I cried. 
I really hope my babies are so adorable. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dance Log 21

When I was first told about the Boise DanceFest, I wasn't too interested, because there isn't even a dance major available at Boise State University. "How good could the instructors be, anyway, right?" 


You guys, the past week, I have had my little dancing toosher kicked at a level only comparable to my audition at the University of Utah (I had spasms in my back for 3 days after the audition; I still can't believe they took me). My favorite classes have been from two Julliard graduates who now dance with the Trey McIntyer Project, and another dancer who works in New York, dancing with a ton of the contemporary choreographers for So You Think You Can Dance. We're talkin' like Mia Michaels and Sonya Tayeh, people! Don't know what I'm talkin' about? Watch the show. You'll be stunned. I'm stunned. My back and glutes, specifically, are stunned. My rear is especially stunned; its killing me. I'm also taking a class from a girl who graduated from the University of Utah, and I'm excited to learn what she learned from the place I get to go. DanceFest Boise, in conclusion, is killer awesome. And I get to be in a performance with choreography from the geniuses I've worked with. Like I said, killer awesome. Way to go, Marla. The end.

current dad.

Dear Dad,

You're the man. You save people's lives, are a renowned world traveling explorer, and you somehow wooed a woman as beautiful as mom.

You're in good shape. (I know- this picture is a little deceiving) You beat all of us kids running, biking, and especially swimming. I remember watching you dominating wrestling with the boys in the family growing up. Impressive.

You're an inspiration to us all.

Thank you for patting my back when I fell of my bike, and telling me to get back on.

Thanks for teaching me how to boogy-board at the beach and for putting my shoulder back into its socket that one time.

Thanks for stitching my head back together when I was five on our family air hockey table and giving me chocolate covered raisins, insisting that they were pain killers.

 Thank you for telling me that you "love me more than I'll ever know" on a regular basis, and for always being there with mom to back me up.

Dad, I don't know how you got someone as beautiful and perfect as mom, but thank you for marrying her.

Thanks for all the memories and support and advice. You're the best dad I've ever met.

I love you more than you will ever know.

future dad.

Dear Gid,

I know you're not a dad yet, but someday you will be. Please accept, as a token of my affection, a love note, and a bottle of "dad's root beer". What's that? You don't drink carbonation? Oh, well, I guess I'll drink it instead. It was the relief society's idea, I promise. I'll make it up to you somehow.

21 months.

Last night gid took me on our "21 month anniversary". We're the only couple I know who remembers month anniversaries. You can think it's cheesy if you want; I don't really care. We used one of our gift cards (from our wedding- we're still workin' on those) to go to a nice dinner, then we did a little window shopping (including looking at pets to adopt) and then we went to see one of our new favorite films: Rio! Gid was so excited about it being set in Brazil, and he was laughing during all the parts where they have characters speaking Portuguese. We finished the night off with a visit to my favorite frozen yogurt shoppe. Sigh. How I love that man.

Have a happy Sunday friends!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sun Valley Visit.

Fun weekend, friends. Highlights included the following:

1. Visiting downtown Hailey & Sun Valley.

Sun Valley has been only two hours away from us for the past 2 years! 
I can't believe it took us this long to visit. Holy gorgeous.

2. Beautiful Spring Blossoms.

I guess spring comes a little later up in the mountains because there were white blossoms flying everywhere. It was like snow, but nicer smelling. 

3. Ice cream (naturally)
...doesn't this picture of gid make you laugh? It sure makes me laugh...

4. Tour of the ice rink where the professionals perform.

I totally fit this poster. I'm not sure if I'm proud of that though.

(Cardigan: Target, Top: Anthro, Jeans: Banana Republic)

5. Redfish Lake. 
Pretty pretty pretty. 
Reminded me of our honeymoon.
I know I look a little grouchy. I think I might have been hungry.

Happy Weekend to you, friends!

Friday, June 10, 2011

ninja dreamer.

You guys. I think there might be something wrong with me.

For the past few weeks I've been having vivid dreams where I star as a but kicking hero. It's so weird; my inner psyche must be really overly confident in my self defense skills. The closest I've been to karate class is jackie chan films (and kicking the microwave shut with an enthusiastic hi-yah), but I haven't watched an action film for months and months. I just don't understand the sudden boost of action in my dreams.

They all have a very 'sleek secret agent spy' feel to them. And gid has only been in one of them; we were on the same team trying to save someone from some horrible fate. The last few nights its like I've been a spectator in my dream- like there's two of me. I'm watching myself in my dream. I'll see a bad guy coming behind me, and before I get a chance to warn myself that he's going to try to get me, the me that I'm watching elbows the bad guy in the chest with ridiculous strength, then I disarm him, smack him with his own gun across the face, rendering him unconscious. Then, calmly, I walk away in broad daylight as I slide retro sunglasses over my eyes. Cool as a cucumber. I'm not positive if there is jazzy music in the background. There might be. The me watching me in my dream, by the way, is completely startled. Where the heck did that come from? '

What's really concerning is that I think I've (the awake alyssa) been infected with the overconfidence. The other day, as I was walking out of the grocery store, there was a guy about 20 feet away from me who didn't necessarily look suspicious, (but in movies, its always those ones that are sleeper bad guys) and as he walked closer and closer, I made an action plan as to what I would do if he hypothetically were to try anything fishy. By the time he walked past me (with a charming smile and nod) I had one hand clutching my keys wolverine style, and the other clenching my clutch wallet. In case you were wondering, I planned to smack him with my clutch (only $12.99 at target and ADorable) and then if he was still conscious, I was going to use some serious XMEN skills on him. Oh! Maybe I'm having these dreams because of the new x-men movie coming out! That makes sense. I've always yearned to be an X- Chick.

The first few times I had these 'Bourne-Identity-esque' dreams, it was funny, and entertaining for gideon when I would excitedly tell him what an awesome spy dream-alyssa is, but they've been happening pretty frequently for about three weeks now. What the-?

Has anyone within earshot of my cyber-voice ever had an experience like this? Is it the hummus I've been eating or the excessive kool-aide squeeze its? Is it the 10 miles I ran this week? Are the sore muscles in my legs sending messages to my brain that are translating to action packed dreams? Is it the change of schedule- going from a full time job to part time work and lots of time to think and online shop? Seriously, you guys. I could be Jack Bauer's body guard. Not that I'm trying to stop it-- I kind of like having a new action story to tell Gid in the morning. But there's nothing wrong with me, right?

I'm still planning on having carrots, some hummus and a squeeze it for lunch. Notify me if you think it would be ill advised.

Have an adventurous friday, friends!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


1. I hate when he asks me questions (that would require more than a yes or no) while he's got my mouth so wide open that even my nose is feeling a little bit stretched out. And he looks at me waiting for an answer. And I just stare at him with big eyes. And a little drool seeping out the corner of my mouth.

2. I hate when he tells me he's almost finished ten minutes into the appointment. Then twenty. Then forty. Then an hour.

3. I hate that I'm stuck in that horrible chair, and I'm not supposed to move. I actually don't mind being still. I just like to be able to control whether my mouth is open or shut. So, when I'm at the dentist, I'm tap dancing in the air to make up for my voice that's been taken away from me.

4. I hate the air sucker that takes all the moisture out of my mouth. I hate the intrusive necessity of dental work. And the vast array of pointy tools frightens me. Seriously. Nightmare material, those things.

5. I hate the fat lip I get when he numbs half my face. And the irresistible urge I have to feel it while its all tingly. And the drool that gathers in one side of my mouth. Then I spit it out when I get home and I feel seriously stupid.

6. I hate the scrape scrape scraping of the cleaning, and the taste of the polish and all the other stuff they put in your mouth.

7. I hate that he pats me on the head three times and says, "Way to go, champ." 
(ok... I actually do like that)

8. I hate the stupid posters on the ceiling that say things like, "Today is a gift." Any day at the dentist isn't what I'd describe as a gift. They should have a poster that says something like, "Tomorrow won't be so bad," or "This is the freaking reason you're supposed to floss." Yeah. That one would be more effective.

9. I hate that he tells me not to eat for 1/2 an hour or more. Agency stealer. But then when I do eat, I regret it. I hate how right he is.

10.  I hate that I'm supposed to come back in 6 months for another appointment.

Things I like:

1. The little care pack they send me home with. (Complete with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and sugar free gum)

Side note: my current dentist is actually my FAVorite dentist I've ever seen. He's super nice. I just don't trust a man with tools that look like they belong to an international terrorist. The end.

biking with my beau.

Over the weekend, Gid and I went for a little bike ride. Nothing over the top special. 
Just to the human rights park dedicated to Anne Frank. 

(Top: F21, Jeans: Gap)

Reading about the past can have a way of sobering you, don't you think?

Just kind of makes you grateful for things you take for granted. 

 I'm going to miss you, boise. That's all. 

Also- I love gideon.
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