Sunday, June 19, 2011

21 months.

Last night gid took me on our "21 month anniversary". We're the only couple I know who remembers month anniversaries. You can think it's cheesy if you want; I don't really care. We used one of our gift cards (from our wedding- we're still workin' on those) to go to a nice dinner, then we did a little window shopping (including looking at pets to adopt) and then we went to see one of our new favorite films: Rio! Gid was so excited about it being set in Brazil, and he was laughing during all the parts where they have characters speaking Portuguese. We finished the night off with a visit to my favorite frozen yogurt shoppe. Sigh. How I love that man.

Have a happy Sunday friends!


  1. I think it's pretty sweet that you celebrate months too! I'm 29 years down the road and every anniversary...month or a precious milestone! :-)

  2. I loved Rio! Watching it with a cute Brazilian missionary helps. :) So glad I still get little updates one your life.


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