Wednesday, June 22, 2011

love that crazy family of mine.

This morning I went through some old pictures that I took while we were in Texas last month. We have two new babies in the family (the first of the grandchildren) and this was the first time we were all together including the little ones, so, amid the wedding craziness, we managed to get a few snaps in. I've been missing them so much I couldn't help it; I had to post some love.

The following photoshoot was the first time little Naomi and Gabriel were together. 
Allow me to narrate the pictures for you. I'm about 60% sure that this is exactly what these cuties were thinking.
Naomi- What is that thing you're pointing at me?
Gabe- I think I'm going to eat it...

Gabe- Hey, chick. Wanna move out of the way? We're trying to do a shoot here!

Naomi- Hey pal, do me a favor and don't touch me.

Gabe- Did you guys hear her? Who does she think she is?!

Sweet Naomi is always happy when Melody or Andy are holding her. Isn't she a lovely little baby?

Mr. Gabe is pretty good at entertaining himself. He was all about playing with his feet when we had this photoshoot. I've never met such a sweet happy baby.

Four generations of lovely ladies.

And four generations on my brother Sam's side.

Note the pure joy on Gabe's face.

And I have the prettiest sister ever.

I love my family so friggin' much. And this isn't even all of them.
They may not be perfect. But they're all mine.

Miss them. Miss them. Miss them.
That's all.

Have a wonderful wednesday, friends.
ps- check out this video of cute Gabe sitting. It made me laugh so hard I cried. 
I really hope my babies are so adorable. 


  1. Awwwwwww! Such sweet photos! And my favorite?...Little Gabe sitting up!!! :-))

  2. So cute! "Who does she think she is?" So funny!


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