Friday, June 10, 2011

ninja dreamer.

You guys. I think there might be something wrong with me.

For the past few weeks I've been having vivid dreams where I star as a but kicking hero. It's so weird; my inner psyche must be really overly confident in my self defense skills. The closest I've been to karate class is jackie chan films (and kicking the microwave shut with an enthusiastic hi-yah), but I haven't watched an action film for months and months. I just don't understand the sudden boost of action in my dreams.

They all have a very 'sleek secret agent spy' feel to them. And gid has only been in one of them; we were on the same team trying to save someone from some horrible fate. The last few nights its like I've been a spectator in my dream- like there's two of me. I'm watching myself in my dream. I'll see a bad guy coming behind me, and before I get a chance to warn myself that he's going to try to get me, the me that I'm watching elbows the bad guy in the chest with ridiculous strength, then I disarm him, smack him with his own gun across the face, rendering him unconscious. Then, calmly, I walk away in broad daylight as I slide retro sunglasses over my eyes. Cool as a cucumber. I'm not positive if there is jazzy music in the background. There might be. The me watching me in my dream, by the way, is completely startled. Where the heck did that come from? '

What's really concerning is that I think I've (the awake alyssa) been infected with the overconfidence. The other day, as I was walking out of the grocery store, there was a guy about 20 feet away from me who didn't necessarily look suspicious, (but in movies, its always those ones that are sleeper bad guys) and as he walked closer and closer, I made an action plan as to what I would do if he hypothetically were to try anything fishy. By the time he walked past me (with a charming smile and nod) I had one hand clutching my keys wolverine style, and the other clenching my clutch wallet. In case you were wondering, I planned to smack him with my clutch (only $12.99 at target and ADorable) and then if he was still conscious, I was going to use some serious XMEN skills on him. Oh! Maybe I'm having these dreams because of the new x-men movie coming out! That makes sense. I've always yearned to be an X- Chick.

The first few times I had these 'Bourne-Identity-esque' dreams, it was funny, and entertaining for gideon when I would excitedly tell him what an awesome spy dream-alyssa is, but they've been happening pretty frequently for about three weeks now. What the-?

Has anyone within earshot of my cyber-voice ever had an experience like this? Is it the hummus I've been eating or the excessive kool-aide squeeze its? Is it the 10 miles I ran this week? Are the sore muscles in my legs sending messages to my brain that are translating to action packed dreams? Is it the change of schedule- going from a full time job to part time work and lots of time to think and online shop? Seriously, you guys. I could be Jack Bauer's body guard. Not that I'm trying to stop it-- I kind of like having a new action story to tell Gid in the morning. But there's nothing wrong with me, right?

I'm still planning on having carrots, some hummus and a squeeze it for lunch. Notify me if you think it would be ill advised.

Have an adventurous friday, friends!

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  1. I like this a lot. Mostly because I'm happy to find out that I'm not the only one who consistently has dreams like this. I have no solutions - or even a theory as to what the cause is - but I totally have an awesome dream alter ego too lol. And I also kick butt. >=]
    Question: Does your ninja self still go by Alyssa in your dreams? Mine goes by Shrapnel Audacity ('Shrap' for short)...I have no idea why...odd.


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