Friday, June 3, 2011

window shopping sick time.

Haven't been feeling well this morning. So I've spent my morning in bed watching episodes from the first season of Parenthood, and looking up decor for the adorable house I will have in the future. 
Cute quilt much? I want to buy it and have a picnic in the park on it. 

With watermelon. And pears. And raspberry lemonade.
And I'd be wearing a sun dress. 
And gid would wear suspenders.

Super cute chair. I want one. At least one. 
...Well, I would buy one if it was about $299 less. And if Gid and I weren't going into expensive graduate degrees simultaneously. And if I had any idea of where we're going to live for those two years. For all we know, there won't be any room for furniture. I mean, who's to say we won't live in a studio thats 300 square feet? {That's what the psychic on the radio hinted at when I called in to ask about our housing situation in grad school. Maybe she's onto something.} 

...just so you know, we do have a few good leads for an apartment in grad school. It's just hard to make a concrete decision unless its a few weeks in advance, and unfortunately, we're still not quite there.

Maybe all of this home decor inspiration is because we just bought the cutest little love seat for super duper cheap. We've had ours since we got married almost two years ago. Gid found it at a secondhand store for $40. He was so proud of it, and it was actually pretty cute, but over the past several months its been through two couch covers, started to sink in (more un-optional snuggle time), lost its cushion covers, and so much more. Sweet little couch. Time to say goodbye. 

So thats been my morning friends: laying in bed online window shopping and pretending that I don't feel sick. I hope you are enjoying your friday as well.

and ps- this is not morning sickness, so don't ask if it is.


  1. I hope you feel better. :-( Sick is no fun...Well, not for most people! LOL You seem to be having a ball!!! ^_^ By the way, I LOVE Parenthood!!! The last few episodes had me on the edge of my seat experiencing every emotion in the book!...Just the way I like my shows to do! :-) ENJOY!

  2. ALYSSA! I told you earlier on Skype to just get both chairs, and duvet for your picnic blanket. I think that any apartment you live in is going to have enough room for 2 chairs and couch set. The apartments we live in now are tiny, but we have room. Go nuts and get them! Why not?!?!?!?
    ps I love you!

  3. oh brit. This is why I need you in my life. I'll buy them as soon as I KNOW they fit, k? K. ps I love YOU.


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