Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dear July,

10 Reasons I Love You Already:

1. Hello, Sun. 

2. Weekend with friends up at Spirit Lake.

3. Picnics and bikerides in sweet boise.

4. Um. Fireworks. Exclamation mark.

5. Week with Family in TEXAS. (One on one with madre! I love that woman.)

(my birthday last year)
6. You are my birth month. And I do love a birthday.

7. WGA Meeting in Northern Idaho (Gid's final 'horah' for his job)

8. Popsicles all day long. 

9. Weekend with Tolman Family in Salmon.

10. You're our last month till we move. 
(happy & sad)

Oh, sweet july. I just love you already.


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